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Onward Christian Soldiers
The Pastor Who Would Bring Down a President
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  • ljgude

    I know and love Zimbabwe and grieve for its suffering. It is heartening to see the people find new hope and a new leader who is articulate and skilful. It is revealing also to see the white faces in the crowd who, to judge from the white people I know there, are people who have stayed and who also hope for a better post Mugabe Zimbabwe. As those in this tiny minority often say – ‘They must sort it out.’ meaning the black majority are the only ones who can rectify the situation. The greatest tragedy is that Mugabe got it right in his earlier days and produced a reasonably educated populace and then systematically destroyed the agricultural and mineral economy of the country blaming it on colonialism and whites when it was his own delusional economic ideology that destroyed the country. The spirit of the people in the country is something special and I hope – and pray – that they finally get a decent government. It is also worth noting that Mugabe has always been a Chinese client and his economic mismanagement has made the country a Chinese colony which is why Mawarire asks how much the country’s mineral wealth has been sold for.

  • Jim__L

    Please don’t suggest to a dictator that one of his citizens is his biggest problem, particularly if you like that citizen.

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