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Orban vs the EU
Hungary to Hold Referendum on Migrants in Fall
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  • Rodney

    If the EU isn’t careful with its imposition of immigration policy on eastern European nations, it may well give them sufficient incentive to return to the Russian umbrella, and that would be a big win for Putin.

  • Gary Hemminger

    This is what happens when you go to the “Racist” card one too many times. And you are right about the analogy with crying wolf. Clearly there are racists out there (I think a lot more than I would hope), but saying racism every time is not a prescription for a healthy “discussion” of the issues. I think it actually allows folks like Trump to say whatever he wants, because he will be labelled a racist anyway. It is also true with the college micro-aggregation movement and safe spaces. Ultimately this is going end badly for its proponents as well; especially if the other side sees this as purely an attempt to stifle’s someones point of view. I surely don’t think the Republicans have a winning strategy with respect to the culture wars, but the progressive Democrats are simply going too far, too fast.

  • Pete

    Can you say ….. Landslide.

    Love it

  • Jim__L

    No Migration Without Representation, eh?

  • gabrielsyme

    The irony about the European Union is that if its leadership were more modest, and acted more conservatively, it would be far more successful. The common market, for all its faults, is a tremendously attractive institutional accomplishment; and free movement would be far less controversial if the Schengen Area properly policed its borders.

    The EU has suffered from massive overreach- implementing a currency union for political reasons that has beggared a significant portion of mediterranean Europe; deciding to dispense with the protections of the Schengen Area to soothe the troubled consciences of liberal Germans, and treading on endless toes with its endless stream of intrusive regulations emanating from Brussels. The EU will be lucky if it only suffers the loss of the United Kingdom. Instead of adapting to different needs and changing circumstances, the EU has chosen the strategy of trying to enforce a stifling conformity on its constituent nations. This is the kind of strategy that results in empires falling.

  • This referendum is yet another way on how to finance friends in the closest circle of Viktor Orbán and Antal Rogán. Read on how much money they spent and how the campaign looks like, and what is wrong with the referendum question here:

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