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It's the ethnicity stupid...
UN Finally Admits Burundi’s Government Is Killing Tutsis
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  • Tom

    The problem is that no one will be interested until a genocide starts. Until then, there’s no political points to be made off intervening. And even then, I doubt anyone will care much.

  • Andrew Allison

    Good to know that the UN has woken up to an incipient genocide and will put a stop to it [sarc]. Meanwhile, the organization continues to pander to a would-be Palestinian state the avowed aim of which is exactly that! Why do we continue to fund, let alone host, this morally bankrupt organization?

    • Tom

      Mostly because it lets idiots blow off steam in a relatively controlled environment.
      And elements of the UN actually do some good work. Unfortunately, even those are graft and corruption riddled.

      • f1b0nacc1

        That is one expensive ‘rubber room’ you have there….

        • Tom

          Less expensive than wars, I figure.

          • f1b0nacc1

            Bad guess. Wars will happen either way (take a look at Burundi’s border disputes), and placating tyrants and other international miscreants doesn’t work forever. Eventually the beasts break out of the rubber rooms.

    • Kevin

      Agreed. Palestinian policy is even more genocidal than Burundi’s the Burundi government only wants to kill Tutsi in Burundi – the Palestinians want to kill Jews everywhere.

  • Fat_Man

    Can anybody find US Ambassador to the UN Samantha Power and see if she has any thoughts about this situation. I think she maybe wrote something about this once.

    • Kevin

      I suspect Obama and Hillery have her tied up and gagged in a closet until after the election as there is no appetite to intervene. Obama officials bleating on about a duty to intervene in Africa will give Trump another million votes.

  • solstice

    The mainstream media are largely ignoring this story because they know they can’t exploit it to stir up a race war.

  • CaliforniaStark

    Hope we are not forgetting that the Tutsi government of Burundi in the late 1960’s slaughtered several hundred thousand Hutu, and the current Tutsi government in Rwanda has also been accused of indiscriminately killing Hutu. The tribal war between Hutu and Tutsi has been going on for hundreds of years, and will continue. Since the Hutu outnumber the Tutsi about 8 to 1, the Tutsi are at a disadvantage; however they have a martial tradition, so have been able to hold their ground.

    Claiming Burundi and Rwanda are modern nation-states is absurd. Is Rwanda sending athletes to the Olympics this year?; if so will they only be Tutsi as in past Olympics?

  • Ofer Imanuel

    Anyone knows why Rwanda is not intervening? The government there is mostly Tutsi.

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