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A Failed Policy
State Department up in Arms over Obama Syria Policy
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  • Matt B

    I’d bet that these diplomats have zero expectation that this message will have an effect on policy, but at least they will be on the record as opposing Obama’s folly. It will be a footnote in the history books, but at least they will be exonerated.

    • f1b0nacc1

      How utterly appropriate…no effect but they will have covered their ass with a memo. Perfect thinking for a Foggy Bottom ‘crat….

      • Jacksonian_Libertarian

        “We must protect our fully beloved jobs Gentlemen, Trump loves to Fire people” Statement heard at the letter writing.

        • f1b0nacc1

          Trump is smarter than that…these clowns (the striped pants set) are writing for the benefit of historians who they hope will be as dumb as they are….

        • Communists-Are-Evil


      • sacip

        One should be more careful criticizing people who are the bearers of news you’d rather not hear. As that moron Dubya responded when informed months before 9/11 that Bin Laden was planning an attack on US soil, “Thanks for the info. You’ve now covered your ass.” Sometimes folks say what’s on their minds because they think those they work for need to hear it.

        • Sarastro92

          Yeah while the CIA concealed the fact that Al Qaeda hijackers entered the country in early 2000 and the FBI was housing them and following hijackers around country … But never bothered interfering in their flight training and other operations

        • f1b0nacc1

          I haven’t any particularly concern one way or the other regarding the news that these ‘crats are sharing…my only comments is where have they been for the last 5 years? Only when the administration is in its last days and it is safe to make a statement do they suddenly decide to stand up and criticize. I note that they don’t offer a policy perscription, merely a critique…perfect CYA behavior from gormless nonentities.

          As for Bush and his comments, given how vague the statements were, I don’t blame him a bit. He was NOT given information regarding any details how what attacks were planned. A president gets LOTs of warnings, many of them utterly worthless, from the security apparatus that is terrified that they might ‘miss’ something. Sorting out the wheat from the chaff is an imperfect science, and while there is no way to pretend that this was a good thing, it is hard to see what he would have done differently.

          • sacip

            We really don’t know the extent to which any of these 51 folks said/did anything to criticize Obama’s policy. However, given the # of folks who signed the document, I suspect some/many at least have tried other ways to alter policy during the past 5 years (short of resigning or sending off this dissent). Given Obama’s conviction that he always knows best, nobody can be surprised that he hasn’t acknowledged any reservations whatsoever. At least this way, the public has some idea of the extent to which experienced folks disagree with POTUS.

            You’re right that Presidents do get lots of warnings—-but far fewer pre-9/11. AND, nobody ever gets specific details like dates,times, locations, etc. beforehand. So, rather than do anything at all other than to wise-off about CYA (alerting airlines to be extra careful—-foreign-borns buying lots of 1-way tickets with cash), Dubya stays on vacation and then tries to convince the public after the WTC goes down in flames that he “kept us safe”. Talk about CYA!

          • f1b0nacc1

            None of these 51 striped pants wannabes have released anything other than an ass-covering document with nothing other than plaintive whining to support their case. No resignations in protest, nothing… This is absolutely the typical modern bureaucrat in operations….a toothless complaint with no consequences. If this is how much the ‘experienced folks’ disagree with the administration’s policies (or lack thereof), then we can be sure that their much vaunted experience isn’t worth too much absent some intestinal fortitude.

            Regarding the response to 911, lets be clear that hindsight is a wonderful thing. If you had worked with any intelligence operation in the past you would know that this sort of warning comes through often enough…the sheer volume of information collected by the government virtually guarantees a significant number of false positives, for instance. How many alerts can you issue? How can you determine what is real and what is just an overactive imagination on the part of an intelligence clerk? Look at a history of Pearl Harbor to see how much better warnings were ignored, and you can see how this tends to happen.

            Let us assume, however, that Bush had issued a warning. Would that have stopped anything? Airlines weren’t going to start frisking groups of men based upon their appearance, especially when they weren’t carrying anything that looked like a weapon and didn’t have explosives with them. Even if they did, these men would certainly have denied any involvement and absent any evidence the administration would have looked stupid and bigoted (I can imagine the Dems accusing Bush of any number of things) when nothing happened. We would have in fact stopped an attack, but the individuals who had stopped it wouldn’t have known how they succeeded, and likely would have been punished by their bureaucracy if they did succeed.

            Don’t mistake my point, I am not trying to paint 911 as some sort of best-case, it obviously was not, nor will I suggest that Bush’s response was entirely solid. Unwilling to take a firm stand against the enemies (the ‘religion of peace’ nonsense, etc.) and failing to do a better job of explaining his policies obviously didn’t help things. With the benefit of hindsight, it is clear that doing more than implement a ‘rubble don’t make trouble’ policy of retaliation rather than the futile nation-building was a waste of time, resources, and opportunity. With all of that said however, just what was the alternative that was ‘obviously’ better, and just who proposed it at the time?

          • sacip

            I guess we’ll have to agree to disagree re. the State Dept. dissent. Frankly, I really doubt there’s any way to get Obama to shift (mass resignations included)—-he’s dug in, even going so far as to assert his Syria efforts have been the highlight of an otherwise brilliant foreign policy.

            My final comment re. Bush and 9/11 is a question: Granted, there are no guarantees in this terrorism business, but, what, if anything, did he do re. the Bin Laden, other than shrug them off at the time? BTW, I am on board with your assessment of his post-9/11 blunders.

          • f1b0nacc1

            The problem that I have with the State Dept dissent (good label, by the way) is that it wasn’t only toothless (I absolutely share your view that Obama has passed into the realm of delusion here, and isn’t going to listen to reason), but clueless as well. If you really want to make a point, you don’t simply issue a statement of regret, then go back to supporting the same failed policy, you resign in protest because you don’t want to continue to support the same failed policy. Perhaps it doesn’t change the policy (it would not), but it raises the costs to those who won’t change, and makes the next mistake more expensive as well.
            Regarding Bush and Bin Laden, why would we expect him to focus on Bin laden? This was an act of war, not a criminal act, so why should we have behaved as if it was? Let’s be realistic, if he had (for example) sent a SEAL team in to assassinate him (or used a drone, though those weren’t quite ready for the task yet) his domestic opposition would have excoriated him for killing the target without due process (and remember, before Obama made this his raison d’etre, this was pretty much SOP for much of the Left). What would it have changed in any case? We can agree or disagree with the conduct of policy post 9/11, but dealing with bin Laden personally was (and I believe should have) been an afterthought at best.

          • Querent

            I thought you connies were past the point of pretending that Bush was anything other than a witless failure. No? Hug him close, then. He discredits everyone he touches.

          • f1b0nacc1

            After 8 years, this is the best you can come up with?

          • Querent

            I bet you sound just like your father when you were about to be thrown out of High School for the last time.

          • f1b0nacc1

            Project much?

    • Matt_Thullen

      Back in the days when honor meant something, and material pleasures and comfort were understood to rank below principles and ideals, people used to resign in protest when they felt that a course of action was morally unacceptable.

      Otter’s exhortation in Animal House (“I think that this situation absolutely requires a really futile and stupid gesture be done on somebody’s part!”) has turned from a laugh line to a credo for many in modern Western society, who prefer hashtags to actually, you know, doing something about a problem.

      • Communists-Are-Evil

        When you’re talking about Utopian Progressive Democrat Bureaucrats in DC, it’s “The ENDS Justify The MEANS”!!
        That age you were describing ended in the 1970’s….

        • Poor62

          What we have watched for the past 8 years is the self-radicalization of today’s leftist Democrats. History will remember this regime in not so glowing terms.

          • Communists-Are-Evil

            It’s been a long time coming….
            Back in the Cold War 1960’s, Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev predicted that…

            “One day, America WILL fall to Communism. And it will do so without firing a single shot in it’s defense”.
            Slowly, but surely, Radical Leftists have infiltrated our Public Education and Entertainment complexes….
            Obama fell in love with Islam when he was a boy in Jakarta Indonesia.
            He fell in love with Marxism, Socialism and Communism as a teenager in Honolulu Hawaii.

          • Querent

            Sheer paranoia.

      • Querent

        Maybe you’d like to suggest what we should be doing about the Assad regime? If not, then silence would be your better choice.

    • Ellen

      I agree with this less cynical view of the Foggy Bottom bureaucrats. This act of futility shows that there are people in Washington who work in the government as careerists who nonetheless have a sense of morals, and want to express their outrage at the incompetent and indecent policies of Obama and Kerry WHILE they are still employed, and at risk of being fired.

      Please compare their principled behavior with that of Gates, Panetta and Clinton who all disagreed with Obama’s policies and didn’t have the courage to say so publicly when they were in high office. They also didn’t have the courage to resign over the horribleness of the outcomes of these policies. Why doesn’t the bumbling fool Kerry just resign and show he has some semblance of a grasp of what a disaster his boss and he himself have been in the Mideast slaughterhouse?

    • Don Obie

      This is an important harbinger of things to come.There seems to be a lot of panic with the mainstream GOP protectors of the 1-2%ers who have taken “Free Trade” to enormous personal wealth and crony capitalism opportunities. That’s a wide range of names from Bill C and HRC, to Mitt Romney, John Boehner, Speaker Ryan, Mitch McConnell and tons of congressmen and women. Most notable was Chairman Randy Forbes of VA losing the GOP primary to Navy Seal Scot Taylor. I believe that bids well for the anti NAFTA, GATT, TPP, TPA crowd intent on stopping the shipping jobs to China, Indonesia, and Mexico. I think that’s a factor the Dems are not calculating in pushing HRC.
      Another item that I’m seeing but getting no media play is the DEM fear that the populace believes Terrorism is the number one priority facing the USA and ISIS has gotten worse by his poor plans and weakness as CIC or in persuading any one to follow him. To hear DOJ head Loretta Lynch say a transcript of the hostage discussions to Omar Mateen in Orlando will release a text, but delete the mention of Islam as somehow not relevant shows me how hard the DEMs will go in rewriting history. DEMs can push Guns as the problem, but Mateen’s promise in his post while paused in his killing:

      These are some of the HRC trouble spots to the DEM dream on an easy HRC win in November. These facts should scare HRC and the DEMS. What happens if another attack occurs between Now and November?
      Another is this story 51 U.S. Diplomats Urge Strikes Against Assad in Syria

      Then right after Obama sells us on how good things are with ISIS we have CIA Brennan saying otherwise. CIA Director Brennan contradicts Obama on ISIS threat
      By Thomas Lifson

      I think the 1-2 %ers are scared Trump is for real and they may be losing their cozy win -win control of things. Terror and the economy can get those 65 million votes the GOP needs. No wonder we still have drama on is Trump the candidate of the GOP or not? Let’s wait and see.

  • Anthony

    An argument has been made that the President does not suffer illusions about the pathologies afflicting the broader Muslim world. Still, critics to Obama’s right fault him for not doing enough to prevent Syria from becoming a safe haven for ISIS as well as demonstrated reluctance to involve the United States more strategically in the Syrian civil war (as referenced by WRM). Comparatively, Jeffery Goldberg’s most recent Atlantic essay amplifies further WRM’s thrust:

    • azt24

      “Never has a President defied so much evidence to insist on the unique cerebral brilliance of a policy in ruins.”

      Succinctly put.

      • Anthony

        You undoubtedly have a point of view.

  • Wilhelm Ulmer

    Sadly, America is tragically suffering from a poisonous mix of misplaced ideology, at the expense of sound, educated reasoning. We have a President who is addicted to self promotion, a press that is missing in action, and a citizenry that is often more concerned with pop culture than civics. Many Americans are so self-centered that common sense and patriotism have been replaced by ignorance and cynicism. Hopefully, things will change before it’s too late. Will Ulmer

    • Querent

      So, choosing up sides in yet another Arab war is “common sense and patriotism”? In what alternate reality?

      • Wilhelm Ulmer

        Point well taken. The Mid East situation is very complicated and different reasonable courses of action can be applied by the President and the diplomats to hopefully at least improve the mess. However, it appears that all too often the President is locked into a cruise control type of ideological

  • delta 5297

    Okay sure, airstrikes against Syria. Are we ready for when Russia retaliates in Ukraine, Georgia, and maybe even the Baltics?

    • Jim__L

      And why is this is a reason to be happy about Obama’s performance on the international stage?

      It’s not just Obama’s specific policies that have been blunders. It is his entire strategic picture that is one giant blunder.

      • Querent

        I know. He probably should be taking advice from God as relayed through your “pastor”. Right?

  • MikePM

    The hacks inside the State Deparment are still trying to overthrow established leaders in the Middle East to make it safe for ISIS, Al Qaeda, the Muslim Brotherhood, and every despicable Muslim fanatic terrorist?

    These are either the dumbest people on earth, or they’re mentally unhinged psychopaths. There are no other rational explanations.

    • Sarastro92

      I vote “mentally unhinged”… but more properly, “International War Criminals” … Soon to be led by the biggest war criminal of them all Kill*ary Clinton … 50 million wartime refugees and the other decimation of the entire Middle East region still seems to be insufficient for the criminal class operating under diplomatic license

    • f1b0nacc1

      Embrace the healing power of ‘AND’

    • adk

      “The hacks inside the State Deparment are still trying to overthrow established leaders in the Middle East …”

      Not counting Netanyahu, which ME “established leader” did the State Department try to overthrow?

  • ljgude

    This seems to me a bureaucratic event of some consequence – 50 employees telling the boss he is wrong is more than the covering of hindquarters. As little regard as I have for State, the sheer number of people involved make this more than just another ‘power-leak’ by one of the major bureaucracies. This situation is a much greater potential disaster than Iraq when you realize that both the Libyan action and the failure to act in Syria had made it difficult to see how the EU survives in its current form. Already weakened by the structural flaw of a common currency without a central government and budgeting power makes the future of the EU shaky, hundreds of thousands of refugees from Syria and Africa looks to me like coup de grace. The Brits could vote themselves out next week, and does anyone believe that Marine LaPenn wont be leading France come the next election. And WRM’s choice of epitaph from the Book of Common Prayer sums Obama’s performance up as tellingly as Hillary did Mr. Bush’s when she observed that we have to deal with the Iraq we have, not the Iraq we wish we had.

    • Poor62

      The problem is that Obama has surrounded himself with self-radicalized leftists who could care less what anyone else thinks, except for Muslims.

      • ljgude

        I think the problem is more that Obama has surrounded himself with people who think like he does, not that most presidents don’t do that. But I think the inability to recognize when policies are not working and change course is a character problem that belongs to Obama.

  • disquiet

    And the beneficiaries of bombing Assad’s forces right now would be who exactly? Loathsome though he undoubtably is, his forces are currently only a few miles from Raqqa (see link) and look the most likely to be the first to directly assault the Islamic State’s capital. Let’s at least leave the more kinetic aspects of diplomacy with Assad until after IS has been destroyed. In the immediate term the US would do better to more actively support this goal – and yes that means working with that other loathsome dictator in the Kremlin. Priorities people.

  • saker

    Hey hey, Regime Change finally comes home!

  • Jacksonian_Libertarian

    Obama’s legacy as the “Worst President in American History” will last for centuries. Never have we seen a more ignorant and arrogant man with so little reason for such overwhelming self admiration. This man is the ultimate Affirmative Action Boy, he has never had to “Earn” anything as everything has been handed to him simply because he is 1/2 black.

    • Communists-Are-Evil

      From a ‘certain perspective’, the Progressive God-King has been pretty darned successful in his mission….

      “My friends, we are just five days away from FUNDAMENTALLY TRANSFORMING the United States of America!”

      • Poor62

        He never said that he’s be transforming it for the better, but today’s leftists only worry about control and the defeat of conservative thoughts.

        • Communists-Are-Evil

          When he said those words to the cheering crowd of worshipers, they thought he just meant he would reverse all of that “stupid cowboy George W. Bush’s policies and close GitMo. Boy, were they ever wrong!!

    • Querent

      Absurd certainty about nonsensical ideas. When it comes to being the Worst president, no one can hold a candle to Worst Bush, unless the clueless Trump gets elected.

  • Have these people learned nothing from the last 15 years?

    • Querent

      Apparently not.

  • Communists-Are-Evil

    When ISIS became an undeniable threat to the entire region, the FIRST thing that should have happened was our hitting their ‘capital’, Al Raqqa Syria with a Tactical Nuke, cutting the head off the snake. But, ‘innocent civilians’ would have been killed….

    • Poor62

      Casualties are a part of war which is something the self-radicalized leftists don’t understand, unless they are going after Republicans.

      • Communists-Are-Evil

        I will give Obama The Messiah credit for THIS:
        He COULD have had the leading personalities in American Conservative Talk Radio rounded up and charge them with ‘Sedition against the Government’ and imprisoned them, ENDING any resistance to his Progressive Agenda.
        But, he didn’t. It may have something to do with the millions of Private Citizens who own guns and would kill him….

        • Querent

          Or it may be that this is just another one of your paranoid fantasies.

      • Screaming Orange

        So quit whining about 9/11.

    • Querent

      Calling for the use of nuclear weapons is only one step short of the total insanity of using them.

  • Dan Warren
    • Dan Warren

      A Serious Solution for the Syrian Refugee Situation

      Europe was invaded by young, healthy males from the Middle East and Africa, when Angela Merkel, the president of Germany, stupidly stated that Germany would accept ALL the ’refugees’ from war torn Syria who wanted to come to Germany.

      Over a MILLION young men took up this invitation (there were very few women or children in this WAVE of migrants), flooding the southern nations of Europe, and working their way north to the northern nations which provided the best set of benefits to refugees. Their destination was Germany, Sweden, and Great Britain, mainly….and they were adamant in refusing to ’settle’ anywhere but these preferred nations.

      These young, powerful men continually were exploding in violence with their outrage, which was vented upon police, truckers, shop owners, home owners, young women who encountered them, etc., as they shouldered their way north through Europe.

      Most of these young men were NOT from Syria, but other Middle Eastern countries not effected by war. Many were from Africa. However, they falsely claimed they had ‘lost’ their documentation, or had phony Syrian documents they had purchased, or they claimed refugee status in fleeing African countries.

      ISIS boasted that they would send their terrorist ‘soldiers’ into Europe, cloaked inside this MASSIVE WAVE of mostly FAKE refugees of war.

      A night club was attacked by ISIS terrorists in the summer of 2015 in Paris, killing over 130 young Parisians, and wounding hundreds more, with many being maimed for life, and an uncertain number horribly maimed. Some of the attackers were from the ranks of the recent migrants.

      In spite of the Paris attack, Secretary of State, John Kerry, of the Obama Administration, announced that they would increase the maximum number of ‘Syrian refugees’ they are bringing into America to 100,000 per year from the current cap of 70,000 per year.

      The FBI said there is NO way to vet incoming refugees from Syria, under Obama’s program to RESETTLE the Syrian’s in the USA (resettling plans include becoming American citizens).

      Donald Trump said that the ongoing ’resettlement’ of Syrian ’refugees’ was a ludicrous idea, that there was no way to vet who these ‘refugees’ really are, and that they can easily be terrorists, just as ISIS has threatened.

      Trump said the SENSIBLE SOLUTION to the Syrian refugee problem would be to form a coalition of the Western nations and Middle Eastern nations to establish a large “Safe Space” within Syria to house the REAL refugees, with the Oil Rich nations of the region paying substantially for the project.

      This would allow the REAL refugees of Syria to wait in a safe environment for the region to stabilize, after ISIS was defeated. Trump pointed out the OBVIOUS…. that there is simply NO NEED for these REAL refugees to be moved into Europe or America.

      The Syrian refugees’ safety needs could be easily met by a “Safe Space” in Syria. The dangers of bringing these people to Europe and America was simply unacceptable, due to NO way to vet them, and the obvious danger of terrorist infiltration. There is simply NO NEED to burden the Western nations with such a massive, totally unmanageable and alien group of refugees, which would invariably be infiltrated by hordes of young, calculating men, PRETENDING to be refugees.

      Obviously, the ‘Safe Space’ set up in Syria would NOT be flooded with the FAKE refugees, who were merely economic migrants trying to get a free ride on welfare benefits of Germany, Sweden, Great Britain, and other gullible ☭Leftist governed nations of Europe. These migrants wanted all the benefits offered by Western European welfare, along with other benefits such as gains from their criminal activity, and immediate access to Western women, something simply unavailable to them in the Middle East and Africa.

      Going to a refugee camp in Syria would have ZERO appeal to these young men who are nothing more than economic migrants looking for an immediate and permanent economic upgrade to First World economic standards in their life, freely given by the Western ☭Leftist governments.

      And, as a further side benefit, many of these economic migrants are practiced criminals, or criminals in the face of opportunity, prone to violence to get their way in the easy pickings of Western Europe. And such violence includes quick, casual beatings of random people, including women, sexual grouping of women in public places, gang rapes of women surrounded by groups of men who huddle around them and rape them in public spaces, and brutal one on one rapes and even murders.

      In February the Brussels Airport was attacked by Muslim terrorists, with great devastation and loss of life, and more people being maimed. This still did NOT deter the Obama administration’s plan to ‘resettle’ the so called ‘Syrian refugees’ into America, despite not being able to vet them.

      Hillary Clinton, the Obama administration, the ☭Leftist Democrat Party, and the media and other propagandists of the ☭Leftist Movement….let’s call them “the ☭Leftist ‘Fk U’ Ruling Elites”…. still clung to their plans to ‘RESETTLE’ the so called, ‘Syrian Refugees’.

      Now, in June, we have the massive attack on the gay night club in Orlando by another ☪Islamic terrorist.

      Nothing has changed in Hillary Clinton’s plans for ‘resettling’ so called ‘Syrian Refugees’…. Ditto for the Obama administration.

      But, now, the propaganda effort by the ☭Leftist Democrat Party and their allies in the media has become a FRENZY, as they INSIST that the Orlando attack on the gay night club was an instance of domestic terrorism, and has nothing to do with Islam, or the radical ☪Muslim ISIS terrorist organization.

      Per usual, the ☭Leftist ‘Fk U’ Ruling Elites are blatantly TWISTING the narrative to fit their agenda of continuing to FLOOD America with yet another wave of 3rd World immigrants…this time, incredibly, from the totally alien, unable to be assimilated, ☪Muslim populations of the Middle East which have PROVEN, over decades of experience in Europe, to be DISASTROUS for ANY host country.

      Incredibly, the Obama administration, Hillary Clinton and the other ☭Leftist ‘Fk U’ Ruling Elites, are all engaged in TWISTING the Orlando Gay Massacre from yet another instance of ☪Islamic Terror in the USA, to a their ‘ginned up’ narrative, of calling the massacre nothing more than a case of domestic violence, enabled by inadequate gun control and a sub-culture of Homophobia within Christianity and conservatives.

      Yes, the ☭Leftist ‘Fk U’ Ruling Elites are ACTUALLY trying to TWIST the narrative in this incredulous way…..and they DO believe that the we, the American People, are THAT stupid.

      Of course, this narrative is ludicrous, as every bit of evidence points to the obvious fact that the attacker was deeply woven into the ☪ISIS network.

      Still, Hillary Clinton, the Obama administration, and the other ☭Leftist ‘Fk U’ Ruling Elites are feverishly trying to create a ‘ginned up’ narrative that guns, Christians, or republicans are responsible for the attack in Orlando…….and to deflect attention away from how STUPID their INSISTENCE upon FLOODING America with unable to be vetted ☪Muslims is.

      It is plainly OBVIOUS that the ☭Leftist ‘Fk U’ Ruling Elites FULLY INTEND to FLOOD America with a NEW WAVE of ☪Muslim 3rd World immigrants in the years ahead…..and they IGNORE the American People’s adamant objections to, yet again, another massive wave of poor 3rd World immigrants, regardless of how dangerous ☪Muslim immigrants have already PROVEN to be in Europe, and now, in America, too.

      The vast majority of the American People know the truth, and Donald Trump has been speaking the simple truth about what the obvious solution is to the REAL Syrian refugee situation.

      At long last….have we NOT had enough of the cynical ☭Leftist ‘Fk U’ Ruling Elites ASSUMING they OWN us, and cynically lying to us daily, to get THEIR AGENDA implemented?….. in this case… get a NEW WAVE of ☪Muslim immigrants into America, and quickly onto the ☭Leftist Democrat Party voter rolls.

      If Donald Trump is not at least the first step in pulling down this rotten government run by the ☭Leftist ‘Fk U’ Ruling Elites…then I ask you, what is?

      • Sarastro92

        “Safe zones” is just a strategy to protect jihadi armies from bling obliterated —which is well on the way to getting done —because Obama allied with Putin and the Iranians… which was the correct policy

        • Dan Warren

          Uh huh……Obama (and Hillary) became ‘allies’ of Russia…right….was that before or after the events in the Crimea and Eastern Ukraine…….

          How did that big red ‘reset’ button skit work out, other than a monumental joke, making Clinton and Obama look like idiots…well, they are idiots….so that was just bringing out the truth.

          • Sarastro92

            No. a) Clinton is the exact opposite of Obama on Syria. She and her 51 colleagues want Regime Change and to attack Assad while allying with ISIS and the jihadis, as HRC did in Libya. Obama is now anti-ISIS and implicitly collaborating with the Russians and Iranians to finish of ISIS.

            b) However, of course, Obama is pushing the US into a confrontational course in E. Europe and the Baltic states. Here is is escalating aggression with the Russians in a very dangerous fashion and is fully aligned with HRC and the neoCon war hawks.

            It is a scrambled, contradictory set of policies… one in a good direction (Syria); the other in a disastrous direction.

          • Dan Warren

            I’m not an expert on the ins and outs of the foreign policy over the past few years.

            However, I think it is OBVIOUS that Obama and Clinton and the Democrats are VESTED in protecting the Muslims and Islam from the rightful condemnation they and their ‘religion” deserve…..WHY?…..because the democrats are VERY INVESTED in FLOODING America with 3rd World poor immigrants who will quickly become democrat voters.

            Thus, we are getting the latest TWISTING of the narrative that the Orlando terrorist was JUST a lone wolf AMERICAN nut…but his whole family were terrorist sympathisers….and he was WELL KNOWN as a terrorist sympathiser and probably a terrorist himself….he should have been stopped…..but, the Obama adm. refuses to come down, hard or soft on Muslims or even Muslims who are showing BIG signs of terrorism.

          • Sarastro92

            You’re all wet. The worst attack on American soil since Pearl Harbor occurred in the George W. Bush Republican administration nominally perpetrated by radical jihadis. During the Bush administration the FBI and CIA collaborating with the Saudi’s to stage the 9/11 terrorist spectacle. So it blows all the nonsense you’re trying to pedal right out of water

            This is not a religious thing or any such crap like that. It’s just a very simple fact that the Anglo Americans have long been enmeshed in and fostering a phony version of Islam typified by the likes of the Muslim brotherhood and then the various spinoffs such as Al Qaeda and Isis. The permanent government in the US transcends both parties and has no qualms about engaging Islamist terrorists usually as patsies in terror of events to achieve political ends.

            It’s really not hard to do because like most Americans you just are Completely blind the obvious facts and Harbor of idiotic conspiracy theories that Obama it’s a secret Muslim who wants to turn the US into a sharia state or some such thing.

          • Dan Warren

            Maybe you are Iranian……..your post doesn’t make any sense……

    • Dan Warren


  • Katherine

    The author assumes Obama thinks he is doing the right thing, but it’s wrong. He overlooks the possibility that Obama has an entirely different motive.

    • Querent

      Please. Such implications only call your sanity into question.

  • longlance

    Since when did the State Department become the War Department? President Obama should fire all those “officials” and “diplomats” for their treasonous & subversive plots and statements.

    • Screaming Orange

      Better yet, put them on the “kill on sight” list and send the SEALs after them.

  • charliehorse

    You never know when a fight between two individuals will spawn a riot and then a war.

    The clear time for intervention in the Syrian disaster has long passed. The situation has passed RIOT and is now well involved in WAR. Russia has a large stake in this conflict and time has been long gone where the US could have taken a very firm stance. The US, in the very beginning, may have been early and strong enough to crater the runways of the airfields the Russians are now using but that can’t happen now. It would be WAR writ big.

    “Foggy Bottom” does employ some war fighters or people with war experience. I suggest the striped pants guys listen to them.

  • Tamalpais

    Uh Oh! How much trouble are we really in when even Obama’s formerly sycophantic CIA chief and 51 of Obama’s diplomats disagree with his policies and processes?

  • Rhoda Maxwell

    Correct on Libya. Substitute Iran for Syria, and you’ve got it right.

    We have never had success in nation building (not after MacArthur, that is), and Islamic theology will never permit democracy (a “man-made” legal system they think inferior to God’s Sharia). Assad, dictator that he is, is still less brutal than whatever will succeed him. Forget it. Leave him alone.

    Substituting Obama’s cowardice for State’s neo-con hawkishness is no improvement.

  • Sarastro92

    So the genius diplomats at the State Department want the US to form an all-out alliance to crush the Assad government and ISIS prices into power in Damascus. And somehow Obama decides this is not the best course of action.

    I’m with Obama’s side at least on this one.

    Things will change once Clinton is in office. Then we can look forward to the prospects of a direct confrontation with the Russians who oppose installing the jihadis to rule Syria the way Clinton did in Libya. Yes it’s a great time to be alive.

    • CosmotKat

      Only a truly committed progressive with extraordinary anti-American ideology would continue to side with Barack Obama on geopolitical policy. He has laid waste to our international relations and instigated chaos all over the world. The tides of international conflict is rising. A Hillary presidency would do nothing, but enrich her bank account and continue the march down the road of totalitarian government favored by those who are: “I’m with Obama’s side at least on this one.”

      • Sarastro92

        WTF. 25 years of genocidal warfare led by the Americans has created 50 million refugees in the Middle East, destroyed five or six nations, obliterated the entire region, and put the US in alliance with jihadi crazies and the patrons in the Gulf monarchies. But That’s not enough mayhem and destruction for people like you. You and the 51 State department crazies want to double down and get behind Clinton, to escalate this hideous rampage into a direct confrontation with the Russians.

        At this juncture the fact that Obama is willing to join in to finish off Isis is the right policy. If that brings heartbreak to you and the other lunatics , well so be it.

        • CosmotKat

          Yes, WTF. You proved my comment correct by accusing the United States of not just genocide, but 25 years of on-going genocide! How completely idiotic is that? Which five or six nations has the United States obliterated? I think your hubris and lack of knowledge of the region would not engender a sane response.

          The United states has nothing to do with creating refugees, that is a function of people who have experienced generations of ignorance and dictators. They have no will to establish their own stable governments despite Western aid.. Who do you think Obama has aligned himself with? Do you find the Iranians any less jihadi crazy then any other Islamic regime in the middle east? Obama has ignored those nations that would help like Jordan who has been begging for help.

          At this juncture Obama has no strategic plan let alone a plan to finish off ISIS and has gone on record stating such. If anything he is preoccupied with stripping away the rights of law abiding citizens while he uses the power of the government to silence those with whom he disagrees and hates. The only lunatics are those, like you, who think this guy has made the country and the world safer. The country and the word begs to differ.

          • Sarastro92

            Under what provision of international law did the US initiate regime change military actions against Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan and Syria?

            I need not say more. Of course this is mass murder on a grand scale. But there is a bipartisan consensus in the US between neoCons and liberal humanitarian bombers all for one end: Global dominance (the Wolfowitz Doctrine). These Crimes Against Humanity are justified by any and all pretexts.

            You think the rest of the Clinton- Bush dynasty made the world safer by allying with jihadis to create 50 million war refugees and obliterate virtually the entire Middle East. at least at this point Obama is backing off this path.

          • CosmotKat

            International law? That’s amusing.

            Saying more would not do much for your argument. Mass murder by whom? There has never been a policy of global domination espoused by any president or congress of the United States at any time in it’s hiistory. there are some who have called the United states as the reluctant empire. To much Howard Zinn for you, I see. It’s poisoned your mind and put hate in your thinking.

            You keep blaming the United states for the problems in the middle east and this is why your comments are unserious and ignorant. Obama is backing off because he has no strategy just a geopolitical view that works well in the salons of the academy, but not so much in the real world as his policies attest.

          • Sarastro92

            You’re right. Saying more would not help. I note you have not even attempted to refute the facts stated. The criminal class is incorrigible.

          • CosmotKat

            You stated no facts you offered an opinion that was delusional at best. There are plenty of criminals within our political class and the the one most visible is Hillary Clinton and in that we can agree. I do not assign criminal charges against those who prosecute war on behalf of American interests and for the cause of freedom and justice. Your obsequious genuflection to a world court is your business, but the majority of Americans do not share your deference to International law.

          • Querent

            “Lunatic” was certainly the right word to describe you.

          • CosmotKat

            in your deluded opinion which is laughable at best.

      • Querent

        This is just demented jabber coming from someone whose ideology has caused him to become deranged.

        • CosmotKat

          I hardly take the comments of the deluded seriously.

          • Querent

            . . . says the nutbag living in an alternate reality.

          • CosmotKat

            Like I said your insults which are the low level intellect variety is inconsequential and ignorant.

  • Querent

    Yes, Assad is a ruthless dictator who will kill everyone who doesn’t bow down to him, if he can. Does that prove that the US should engage in yet another Arab war in which we throw our troops and our national budget into trying to dislodge such a dictator and defeat his supporters? How well has that worked in the past? Obama has at least learned from recent history. It’s not a matter of whether we are “on the side” of the good guys or the bad guys. Nothing good can be accomplished by continuing to fight the Arabs over their own internal politics. These Arab wars will never end until the Arabs become civilized enough to stop slaughtering each other. We need to stay out of it.

  • Screaming Orange

    “…America’s bitter enemies…”

    Stopped reading right there. We are their enemies, but they are not our enemies (there’s a difference). The US’ only enemy is our own federal government.

  • theodoreparsons

    Easy to find your representative and senators email, on line phone and fax and (god forbid) letter are rare and have much more weight with them.

    Here is sample email/letter:

    Dear Senator/Representative _______________,

    I was very disturbed to hear in the news that the Justice Department is going to censor the official transcript of 911 calls placed by Omar Mateen, the Orlando night club shooter, made during his execution/murder and wounding of over 50 Americans.

    The explanation given by Attorney General Loretta Lynch was that she does not want to “re-victimize” the victims. This is unacceptable. The Presidency and executive branch of the government cannot be allowed to politicize this issue by censoring information needed by the American people. This attempted censorship is wrongheaded and cynical. It smacks of George Orwell’s 1984. “Re-victimization” even sounds like Orwellian double-speak.

    As your constituent, I want to know what you, (insert name of senator/representative) are going to do about this. I care about America and cherish my freedoms, not the least of which is freedom of ideas, expression and discourse. Attempts to silence the American public by withholding crucial facts like this is unconscionable. I will not stand for it nor will I let my representative stand silent either.

    Your urgent response to this matter is sincerely requested, my continued support rests on it.

    Sincerely Name, Title

  • Neco

    The Department of State is a sewer that is clogged with regressive leftist Neocons who believe “What good is having the finest military in the world if you don’t use it”. Obama needs to pull our military from the Middle East and let the Arabs and Persians figure things out for themselves. The next President should purge the State Dept. of its militaristic ideas of trying to influence the cultures of other countries to mirror “The Regressive Left”. It provokes the ire of Islam throughout the world.

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