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The Recklessness of Erdogan
Turkish-German Split Widens
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  • Angel Martin

    “Erdogan makes in increasingly difficult for Germany or any other self respecting European power to work with him.”

    yeah right ! Just watch them give Erdogan everything he wants if the migrant numbers become politically intolerable.

    (btw; In this case, Merkel had a special reason for speaking up: many Turkish immigrants in Germany are in fact of “Turkish origin”. I think this should be “Kurdish origin” )

  • vb

    For about 8 years, Erdogan has been telling Turks in Germany not to assimilate. Merkel’s CDU has always been skeptical of him and has resisted Turkey’s admission to the EU in defiance of NATO and leftist parties. Despite the migration problem, I think the center right CDU is the only party that will hold firm.

  • Anthony

    The center it appears is struggling to hold all over the globe (behavior has turned hard and consequential).

  • Pete

    “…Germany or any other self respecting European power.”

    Self respecting European power? What country is that????

    They’re all self-hating of their history and culture. All the europeans seem to want are benefits, vacation, and America to defend them. Oh yes, there is one other thing. Europe insists on being allowed to preen about the world stage, touting itself as the moral standard for the world.

  • Kevin

    “many Turkish immigrants in Germany are in fact of Turkish origin.” huh?
    Did you mean Kurdish origin?
    Or Syrian refugees in Germany?

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