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Putin's Power Projection
Potemkin Villages
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  • Kevin

    These public flops imply that the senior leadership is not aware of these quality control issues. This could be very dangerous in two ways:

    It might lead them to overestimate their military prowess and get into a dispute they can’t easily win.

    Alternatively their potential adversaries may think they are a paper tiger and underestimate either their actual military effectiveness or just Putin’s assumptions about it, resulting in two parties blundering into war as they have very different estimates of Russia’s actual power.

    • Felix Keverich

      This is exactly why propaganda articles like this are dangerous. Western press goes out of its way to make Russia look like a laughingstock, but it’s not.

      Mishaps are common when trying out new equipment/technology, eventually Russians will get this tank working.

  • rheddles

    Quantity has a quality all its own.

    • f1b0nacc1

      In which case the Russians are in even bigger trouble. This isn’t 1970 anymore, the Red Army is largely gone, and the Russian armed forces are badly outnumbered.


      • GS

        it is better to over-estimate the enemy than to under-estimate him.

        • f1b0nacc1

          Mobilization is very different than being combat-ready. With the exception of Russian state media, nobody claims that calling up reserves has been anything less than a debacle for the Russians when they attempt it.

          • GS

            Those who live close to it do not see it as quite a “debacle”. Ask the Balts. There is no need to panic, but one better take it seriously and prepare the counter-measures.

        • Andrew Allison

          A mistake made by both Napoleon and Hitler. Also, I might suggest, by the US in SE Asia and the Middle East.

  • Jacksonian_Libertarian

    The free market doesn’t make mistakes like this, as the “Feedback of Competition” won’t tolerate incompetence, waste, or corruption.

    • Tom

      Well, occasionally it does, but not for very long. It’s self-correcting, but mistakes will be made.

  • Anthony

    “…and the capitulation was to commit the United States to becoming a permanent military power. The permanent military power.”

    “So I think we’re condemned to being disappointed by our Presidents. Even if they come into office as people of good will, we’re condemned to be disappointed because we don’t appreciate the limits of their authority, and the limits of their freedom of action.” (Andrew Bacevich)

    “I don’t know much about what goes on in Russia – marginally more than what I read in our newspapers, and it is long past possible to accept their correspondents’ accounts as ethical, professional or balanced….”

  • Angel Martin

    The latest Lada may not be up to Lexus standards, but in international affairs the Russians are currently the class leader. For example:

    the new tank may not be ready, but that MANPAD worked just fine.

  • Felix Keverich

    You gotta give Putin his due, he raised Russia’s international profile. Thanks to him Karina Orlova got this job, so she can tells how Russia is falling apart. lol

    Let’s face it, nobody here cared about Russia (and its many problems) 20 years ago.

  • Jim Sweet

    Our Veterans Administration must be hiring the rejects from Vlad’s business empire….

    • f1b0nacc1

      Not the rejects…those guys are on the ball. We got the apparatchiks, the ones who succeeded in that system…

  • InklingBooks

    Quote: “Because I would have never been able to get off so clean, so to speak.”

    Times have changed. Under Stalin, his best-case scenario would have bea forced ‘retirement’ to Siberia.

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