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Islam and the West
Prison Chaplains Preaching Radical Islam in UK

Muslim chaplains in British prisons are distributing Islamist material, both CDs and pamphlets, some of it from Saudi Arabia, according to a new Ministry of Justice report. The Times of London reports:

Weak corporate guidance and a lack of scrutiny inside jails meant there was little or no assessment of the suitability of Islamic literature before it was distributed to “impressionable minds”.

Chaplains at several jails also encouraged prisoners to raise funds for Islamic charities with links to international terrorism, according to the review. It warned that lax controls and failings at a senior level of the prison service had created a breeding ground for Islamist radicalisation.

Jails in England and Wales held 12,328 Muslim inmates at the start of this year, of whom 131 were convicted terrorists and a further 1,000 were deemed vulnerable to radicalisation. Muslims make up 4.8 per cent of the population but 14.5 per cent of prisoners.

Prison radicalization is a concern elsewhere, from Germany to the U.S., and the presence of radical imams cannot help—to say the least. This report should prompt close investigation of other systems. There are Muslim clerics who preach peace, tolerance and personal renewal, not violence and hate. Those are the ones who should be working in prisons.

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  • Jim__L

    Weakening bonds to Christianity cause yet more problems in the West.

  • Beauceron

    I expect the authorities in the UK to treat this just as aggressively as they did Rotherham.
    I mean, look, when you have created a society that is willing to allow its own children to be sexually assaulted and raped rather than appear (not BE, just APPEAR) racist or Islamophobic, then it can truly be said there are no limits on how much you are willing to let your society be damaged and destroyed.

    • Jim__L

      Again, thank the anti-Christians in the political establishment for this.

    • Tom

      Probably not. After all, these are government bureaucrats making the report, not working-class whites, so none of them are going to be arrested for hate crimes.

  • qet

    Careful TAI. If you actually mention this article out loud on the streets of the UK, you will be arrested and charged with race hate. The UK is far more interested in punishing the soft targets that are its ordinary white middle class citizens for thoughtcrime than so much as even farting in the general direction of Muslim violence.

  • FriendlyGoat

    What does “weak corporate guidance” mean in the context of a UK prison?

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