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Democrats, Not Republicans, Have Moved on Immigration
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  • WigWag

    The pertinent issue is not how rank and file Democrats or Republicans have changed their views on immigration, the pertinent issue is how Republican elites view immigration.

    The Trump phenomenon is driven in large part by the fact that GOP elites have abandoned average Republicans and joined with Democrat elites on one issue after the next.

    Democratic and Republican elites both favor dramatically scaled down immigration enforcement. Democratic and Republican elites both favor the common core and high stakes testing. Democratic and Republican elites both favor holding Wall Street harmless while the rest of our society suffers from the vagaries of creative destruction in our economy. Democratic and Republican elites both favor multilateral trade agreements that are destroying America’s middle and working classes. Democratic and Republican elites both keep taking advantage of every opportunity to bungle us into one unwinable war after the next.

    It’s not that Democrats and Republicans don’t see eye to eye. It’s that Republican elites and the GOP base don’t see eye to eye. The same thing is true in the Democratic Party.

    The bottom line is that on issue after issue, our nation’s elites have declared war on the rest of us.

    The immigration debate just served as the canary in the coal mine.

    • Gary Hemminger

      This is vastly over simplified and could have come directly from a Rush Limbaugh program

      • Frank Natoli

        An example contradicting WigWag would have made your comment not over simplified and gratuitous. Instead, it was.

  • Jacksonian_Libertarian

    The effort to change America as we know it, is taking America into decline. It was American Culture that built America into the sole superpower. American Culture is being degradated by 60 million foreign born, all from inferior Cultures which mostly don’t value or cherish Freedom, Independence, a Work Ethic, Reason, the Scientific Method, the “Rule of Law”, Free Enterprise, etc. But do adhere to losing Cultural strategies like Marxism, Communism, Socialism, Islam, and shamelessly living off the American Taxpayer.
    The problem with so many immigrants both legal and illegal, is that they come to America for the economic advantages the American Culture has built (the National Inheritance), but refuse to recognize the damage, the retention of their inferior Cultures does to those same economic advantages (and the National Inheritance).

    • Jim Turner

      It’s hard to understand the mindset of the modern left – how they can have things so good but be so angry at what their ancestors built here that they’d want to fundamentally change what this country is.

      How does one get to that point? A string of personal failures resulting in a desire to burn everything down? I just don’t understand. They celebrate criminals, disparage the police. Demonize the wildly successful, celebrate the welfare recipient. Gays need to be able to have a piece of paper from a courthouse in order to live the exact same lifestyle they’ve been legally permitted for the last 200 years. Transsexuals, an infinitesimally small percentage of the population, must have normal societal order of something as mundane as going to the bathroom turned on its head for them because why?

      I feel like I went to bed in my nice normal neighborhood and woke up in an insane asylum.

      • mikekelley10

        It could be that turning over our entire education system, Hollywood, television, and newspapers to the loony left was a bad idea.

        • Beauceron

          Well, we didn’t exactly hand it over, it was seized.
          The Left knew what they were doing back in the late 70s when they began taking over the educational and media systems. They were smart and ruthless about it. And it has paid huge dividends.

          • mikekelley10

            I’m not sure how “smart” they are to ruin the greatest country on Earth, but I’ll sure grant the ruthless part.

          • Beauceron

            They are on the cusp of a permanent majority. They have total control of the education system and the media systems.

            They are wrong on most policy issues, and are often very stupid, true enough. But as far as long term strategy and tactics, they have been brilliant.

          • Boritz

            In the meantime the elites of what should have been the opposition party have found a way to butter their bread in the midst of this brave new world and feel most threatened when their own base offers opposition to their alignment.

  • Andrew Allison

    Given that we are a nation of immigrants, isn’t this an utterly nonsensical proposition? And isn’t question really about recent, largely Hispanic, immigrants?

    • Jim Turner

      We’re a nation of citizens.

      And yes, this is about largely Hispanic immigrants but also Muslim immigrants (who have their own set of special problems) and other people coming here from the third world. Considering the enormous expansion of our welfare state over the last century, I’d say it’s pretty important that the 1-2 million people immigrating here every year (or breaking in, as the case may be) be net contributors into the welfare state and not the way around, wouldn’t you?

      • mikekelley10

        No country that wants to survive encourages illegal immigration of uneducated peasants into a welfare state. That’s why the US and Europe are so enthusiastic about it. The powers that be know that they can skim off enough money from the government they control to protect them and their families from the chaos.

    • Ofer Imanuel

      I also heard a lot of rants about the job taking, educated H1B holders that most try to become immigrants.

    • mikekelley10

      The left, and others, are always saying that about the US, but our immigration system used to be much more discriminating. Until the Kennedy immigration bill of 1965, we didn’t encourage 3rd World immigration. Now we do, and our border is a sieve as well. The creeps in DC love this, because it increases their power to bring in more government-dependent peasants. If illegals from south of the border were self-sufficient Republicans, there would be a Trump-style wall down there and a moat with alligators.

    • f1b0nacc1

      This is about importing third world barbarians into a civilized state. The Romans demonstrated the negative consequences of that approach.

  • Pete

    Democrats are willing to change the nature of the country — and for the worse – to gain political advantage with reckless support for Third world immigration

    • mikekelley10

      And the cabal Republicans are happy to go along with them.

  • White Knight Leo

    “both Democratic presidential candidates essentially promised to suspend immigration enforcement altogether.”
    Clear indication of intent to rule by decree.

  • Beauceron

    It’s not so much that the Dems made a philosophic decision to move Left, it’s that the immigrants that have flooded the country are, by nature, of the Left and they now comprise a very large segment of the Democratic party. That was the plan.

    The Left fought tooth and nail for 30-40 years to flood the country with third wordlers to fill the Democratic voter ranks so they could attain their “permanent majority.” They were aided and abetted by the Chamber of Commerce wing of the Republican party, who wanted cheap labor so big business could profit. The former did it for power, the latter for greed.

    Now we are not America anymore. Not sure what we are, for better or worse, but we are a deeply changed country. Without discussion or vote, they re-ordered what the nation is. It has been deeply immoral, undemocratic, and dirty politics of the worst sort.

    Over the next decade we will be entering into the phase when Dems take over for a very long while. No conservative Republican will have a chance for national office after 2020– 2016 may be their last shot and they’re blowing that.

    This is what a slow-roll totalitarian takeover looks like.

  • FriendlyGoat

    Moving “to the right” on immigration does not mean getting rid of immigrants. It means converting them from “illegal” to temporary guest workers in an employer-friendly “program”. Those individual conservatives who think their wage competitors are going to be deported are complete imbeciles.

  • bittman

    I agree with the author. The Democrats have moved much farther to the Left than the Republicans have moved to the Right. This is evidenced by the fact that the Democrats’ Presidential candidates are Bernier Sanders (who is running as a Democratic Socialist) and Hillary (a known long-time fan of Saul Alinsky, a Marxist).

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