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An Energy Eclipse
What This Solar Leader’s Struggles Say About the Industry
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  • Blackbeard

    Solar will do better when the Greens kill off all the less expensive, more reliable alternatives. Coal is already dead man walking and natgas is next. Both Hillary and Bernie have promised to outlaw fracking if elected. After that it’s just nuclear, which is fading already as our current nuclear fleet ages, and hydroelectric. Both are in the sights of our progressive friends.

    In other related news Hawaii has just announced a plan to go 100% renewable by 2045. The Greens objected because the plan relies on LNG as a transitional fuel. They want a transition to all renewables right now and no damn LNG to slow things down.

    Truly I see a dark age coming and I am not just punning on the potential lack of electric light.

    • Boritz

      My plan is to set out trays of solar flowerbed lights to charge all day then bring them into the house at night. This will likely lead to a section related to sun usage on the 1040 if it becomes a popular method of coping The greens will declare solar viable and a success on this basis even if you can’t run a washing machine this way and you go without light if it’s a cloudy/stormy day.

      • Blackbeard

        The idea that we are all entitled to near unlimited, reliable electricity 24/7 is a very recent and clearly unsustainable privilege. We need to get used to living the way the much of the rest of the world lives with frequent brownouts/blackouts, rationing of electric power and a greater reliance on nature’s way, i.e., daylight. Just go to sleep when the sun goes down as mankind has done for millennia.

        • CosmotKat

          Why? To satisfy the totalitarian urge of the left to take us all back to the “Dark” ages? So, to be a progressive you must reject progress?

          • Blackbeard

            I intended sarcasm. I’m on your side.

          • CosmotKat

            Got it……..thank you. I missed the sarcasm, but re-read your previous post and realized my error.

  • Frank Natoli

    Coal is bankrupted by a government determined to bankrupt it. Solar is bankrupted despite a government determined to prop it up. What’s wrong with this picture?

  • Tom

    “Torrid” seems a very odd word choice for describing plummeting values in “…solar stock indexes have had a torrid 2016.”

    • FriendlyGoat

      Was supposed to be “horrid”? T and H are close neighbors on the keyboard.

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