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Foreign Policy 101
Turkish Town Riots Against Syrian Refugees
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  • Felix Keverich

    Just how stupid do you think we are? US attempts to overthrow Syrian government is the reason refugees appeared in the first place.

    • Blackbeard

      Overthrow? I’m afraid you give the Obama administration far too much credit if you believe that they actually have any sort of plan at all.

      • Felix Keverich

        Well, what do you think “The Opposition” (US-backed Islamist rebels) have been doing in Syria for the last 4 years? This whole insurgency is a joint project of CIA, Turkey and Saudi secret services. The fact that Turkey is finally getting some blowback from it is a decilious moment of karmic justice.

    • Enemy Leopard

      How’s the weather in St. Petersburg this time of year, Felix?

  • Frank Natoli

    It’s a sad spectacle that only likely to get worse, especially if, as many believe, the Syrian war should heat up again as Assad presses his advantages around Aleppo.
    Does the author believe that the two sides in Syria will under any circumstances assume a live and let live attitude toward the other? This is a war of annihilation, and until one side is annihilated, the refugee “problem” will continue. If the West wishes to hasten the end, that will require, as the author indirectly suggests, unpleasant foreign policy actions.

  • Pete

    Why aren’t any of these ‘refugees’ sent to China or Africa???

    • Dale Fayda

      Or to the Gulf States, who are their fellow Sunni Arabs, after all.

  • CaliforniaStark

    “The only way to do solve the problems of the refugees involves giving them safe havens in Syria now, and getting serious about bringing an end to the war.”

    Given that U.S. intervention in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya had not brought about the end of war in those countries; what miracle intervention does Via Meadia foresee that will bring peace to Syria? What is the estimated body count of Americans that will be required for this endeavor?

    Perhaps a better approach would be to accept the fact that this is a struggle between religious fanatics, and there is no acceptable solution that the U.S. can impose upon them. As with the Religious Wars in Europe many centuries ago, the fighting in the Mideast will only end with the combatants finally realize they need to abandon their extremist religious views, and tolerate pluralism.

  • Kevin

    “The idea that you can avoid everything unpleasant about foreign policy but still live up to high standards of moral conduct is one of the great illusions of our time.”

    I would suggest that such a definition of morality that insists upon such conduct is itself flawed. There is a reason that courage was once considered the first among the virtues, without which a man could not behave in a moral fashion.

  • Ofer Imanuel

    I wonder if the Turks will have more sympathy to Israel as a result. That sounds (except for lack of organization) exactly what Hamas doing to Israeli border communities

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