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Our Brave New World
Of Deer, Terrorism, and Liberal Triumphalism
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  • ronetc

    “The world keeps getting uglier, and the American political establishment keeps getting more and more caught up in glittering fantasies and theories about inevitable liberal triumph.” And how, exactly, will this change if Hillary is elected? Who might at least try something different, instead of continuing to do the same thing over and over, always hoping for a different outcome?

    • Loader2000

      Its not about voting for Hillary or not. She clearly wouldn’t change this. However, based on the most recent random polls of voting electorate, Trump would, unfortunately, lose against Hillary big time. Ted Cruz might beat her (based on these polls) while Kasich would beat her by 5 or 6 points (again, based on these polls which included about 1000 randomly selected registered voters). This is because general elections are decided by moderates, independents and swing voters, not by the Republican or Democratic base. The tragedy is that, barring some miracle, voting for Trump in a primary is basically a vote for Hillary.

      • White Knight Leo

        To which I would respond that 6 months ago, the idea that Trump could beat Jeb Bush – and that Bush wouldn’t make 5th place, much less be the front runner – wouldn’t be believed by anyone. Trump, at least, is willing to fight as dirty as Hillary does, so those numbers are likely to change.
        Full disclosure: I endorse Cruz.

        • Tom

          (Raises hand) I didn’t think Bush would make it, and thought the Republican establishment signed their own metaphorical death warrants when they decided to back him.

          • White Knight Leo

            I didn’t think Bush would make it either. My point was that no one thought Trump would be able to kick him to 5th place. Everyone – including me – thought someone else would do it.

          • White Knight Leo

            Again, Cruzbot here.

      • Dale Fayda

        Inaccurate. Romney won independents comfortably, by something like 6% and still lost, because he FAILED TO TURN OUT THE BASE. Still, he came within 600,00 votes total in (5) battleground states of winning the electoral college. Independents, by default, are people who lack the courage of their convictions. if they didn’t, they would more closely adhere to an ideology, be it liberalism and conservatism, in part or in whole. After all, the results of their respective implementation are there for everyone to see, IF they want to see them.

        Therefore, they tend to swing in the breeze, leaning toward those speaking with the most conviction and clarity. Romney and McCain tried to outsmile Obama, who was playing hardball and went down to defeat. They were timid and cautious, trying not to offend the precious independents and still tanked.

      • Jacksonian_Libertarian

        Ignore the polls they have been useless during the primaries being off by 20 points or more at times, and the polls on the General Election are foolish when candidates haven’t even been chosen yet.

  • Rodney

    There is an account, perhaps apocryphal, about a Russian Orthodox synod in Petrograd in 1917. This synod featured a heated debate about the color of the clerical vestments their priests were to wear. At the same time, the Bolshevik revolution was in full swing. The clergy was completely out of touch with strong cultural currents and storms that would very soon be greatly affecting them and the people they were supposed to be shepherding. Admittedly, I don’t know if this account is historical, but it is very analogous to the out-of-touch attitudes and priorities of western political leaders.

  • Anthony

    The brief’s implication being liberal triumphalism is impeding effective policy making may require additional conditions: the dominant mood of the United States (320 million people) today is one of considerable anxiety mixed perhaps with a sense of anger. Now add to that, “ours is an age of narrowcasting, not broadcasting – people increasingly tune in to cable channels or websites that reinforce their views and ideologies” – a stable situation as inferred becomes downright implausible sans visionary leadership.–haass-2016-03

    Regarding the world keeps getting uglier, John Quincy Adams American geopolitical paradigm remains a good axiom: 1) assert America’s identity and interests in ways that respect others’ identities and interests; 2) prevent troublesome forces from getting among us or even near us; 3) what is nearest is dearest.

  • Pete

    ‘ …. if the American political debate seems a little unhinged this year, it’s in part because a lot of Americans think the whole political class has lost its mind.”

    Exactly, Mr. Mead, exactly!

    And if we think our political class is crazy, how must the normal European feel about his/her political ruling class?

  • adk

    “…a lot of Americans think the whole political class has lost its mind.”

    If you have no mind, you have nothing to lose. But let’s be specific here: it’s not “the whole political class”, it’s Obama and Democrats as a whole, plus their MSM friends, who are directly responsible for a lot of the current insanity.

    And, in fairness to our esteemed president, he thinks that the top three threats facing citizens of this great nation are handguns, car accidents, and falls in bathtubs (per Goldberg’s interview in The Atlantic.) He didn’t make it clear where he places the risks of deer collisions.

    • DiaKrieg

      I’m confused. I thought the biggest threat was global warming.

      • adk

        Don’t be. Global warming will kill us all in due course if we mindlessly continue to live in houses, eat food we don’t hunt or gather, drive gasoline-fueled cars, use electricity produced by means other than wind and solar, and so on.

        But that will be in the (near) future, and many of the rubes, however, are just not intellectually equipped to grasp it. On the other hand, the bathtub falls are a clear and present danger.

    • Boritz

      “responsible for a lot of the current insanity.”

      I don’t disagree with your list of culprits, but not to be forgotten is the electorate of 2012 that unlike the electorate of 1980 either refused to acknowledge and decisively correct a huge mistake or didn’t really notice that there was one. That group is the enabler of all the derivative insanity, and 2012 was far from their only mistake, just the biggest and least explicable. The same group, in true bipolar form, has enabled a Republican establishment that is truly shocked that there is any unhappiness with what they have brought their side of the aisle. It is all ultimately self-inflicted.

      • adk

        Yes, ultimately it always comes down to “we, the people…” and “in a democracy people get the leaders they deserve.” But still, the Republicans blew a very winnable 2012 election, and this year they may outdo even that monumental achievement by losing again the presidency, losing at least one of their Congressional majorities, and blowing up their party in the process,

  • Beauceron

    Wait. Just. One. Minute.

    Do you mean to tell me that the same political elites that have wrecked the US economy, American social and religious traditions, and domestic politics also has no idea what to do about international problems?

    And here I thought the nasty, condescending attitude of the Left could fix anything.

  • delta 5297

    Because…xenophobia and overreacting to terrorism will cost America the moral high ground and its position of leadership in the world? Even when the casualties of 9/11 are added to the tally, deaths by terrorism are still very low. As for “excessive fraternization” and “gender bias” are you saying that these things are desirable in the military? Or perhaps our officers ought to be held to a better standard? It’s not like this is what’s bankrupting the military. This piece is just a whole bunch of “wah wah wah, I hate political correctness and any efforts to make society a bit more decent”. Yes, the world is getting uglier…that doesn’t mean America needs to get uglier with it.

    • Tom

      “This piece is just a whole bunch of “wah wah wah, I hate political correctness and any efforts to make society a bit more decent.”

      Except that isn’t what “political correctness” does, but keep telling yourself that if it helps you sleep at night.

      Frankly, you’re the sort of person who would have advocated against the bombing of German industry during WWII.

    • Dale Fayda

      America HAS got uglier since the Left has been in charge – ruined, post-apocalyptic liberal-run cities like Detroit, race riots and political violence of all stripes; stultifying culture of censorship and demonization of even the slightest vestige of opposition to the Left’s maniacal efforts to mainstream sexual deviancy (gay “marriage”, transsexualism as a “courageous lifestyle choice”); safe spaces, micro-aggression, triggering, mansplaining, rape culture and a myriad other Orwellian attempts to control speech; blatant anti-white racism and violence, wholesale revisionism and elimination of entire swaths of American history and culture, utter disdain for the laws and customs of this nation; open contempt for the white working class and on and on and on and on… And the Left is working it to make uglier still – they will gladly sit on their throne of skulls, if it buys them another few minutes in power.

      I’ve posted this quote by Daniel Greenfield before, but I think it bears repeating:

      “The left always gets what it wants and is never happy. The purpose of its idiot activism isn’t progress, but drama. Each achievement leaves behind a sense of emptiness. It isn’t about rights, it’s about conflict. It’s not about giving to someone. It’s about taking from someone else.

      Without the conflict and its accompanying self-dramatization, there is only the emptiness.

      The social justice warrior seeks to escape insecurity by dramatizing its own victimhood all the way over into narcissism. But such dramas need participants. Politics is its means of manufacturing that drama by finding antagonists. Without antagonists, there is no drama. Without drama, there is no sense of importance and the activists loses what it hoped to gain, a sense of self.

      Our emotionally insecure culture warriors other themselves and then assemble an identity that makes them the victim of some larger primal force, racism, the patriarchy and privilege, when really they are Rachel Dolezals, unstable types who manufacture their victimhood out of a paranoid dislike of people.”

      Truly, liberalism is a mental disorder.

  • Kevin

    We’re about one or two Paris or Brussels in Peoria or Brooklyn from a President Trump.

  • Fat_Man

    Can I call in drone strikes on the deer that are eating my shrubbery?

    • Ray Zacek


      • Fat_Man

        It ain’t fear. It is malice aforethought. The only possible use for the #@&%# things is dog food.

  • Jim__L

    Our political class is exactly what you’d expect, from the training they get at the Ivy Leagues.

    Sweep them out and start over.

  • FriendlyGoat

    These articles are getting really crappy. This one is just partisan carping—–so stupid, it has to have a meaningless title to round up the stray thoughts. Either Mead has abandoned ship or has become more of a petty bitcher than the political class here criticized.

    • lhfry

      Friendly goat will keep on defending the left until, like Stalin’s “old bolsheviks” he too becomes their victim. For leftists to change their views requires a personal experience of the “mugging by reality” type.

      • FriendlyGoat

        Peddling threats today?

  • Boritz

    Decades from now the only Chicagoans who will eat well will be those who acquire a bow or a crossbow and learn to hunt deer — or more plentiful animals of similar size. Old timers will sit around the open fire chewing meat and laughing about how they once were so concerned about their pension. (What’s a pension Grandpa?)

  • PierrePendre

    People don’t like being killed by deer but they accept there is a theoretical possibility that where deer and cars co-exist, some people will get killed in accidents, emphasis on the accidents. Terrorists kill at random but not by accident. People have a fundamental objection to being murdered by political activists who resort to terrorism in support of an argument that does not prevail on its debated merits, especially in a democracy. Even liberals might object to becoming personally victim themselves of a terrorist attack because it would be the negation of what they prize most – the triumph of reason over brute force.

    Reason is what leads them to minimise terrorism in comparison with gun deaths at the hands of crazed teenagers running amok in schools and cinemas. The statistical chances of dying in either of these events is vanishingly small but the latter never fail to set off demands for stricter gun controls regardless of whether these would lessen the likelihood of future massacres.

    There is some logic to this. Gun massacres are carried out by Americans who are subject to the law and it is within the power of congress to legislate gun controls and be seen to be doing something whereas is there is no government in the world which can pass dispositive laws against terrorism.

    I think there is another reason why liberals tend to be soft on terror which is of a piece with their lax attitude towards crime. Liberals believe in their ability to achieve the perfectibility of man and particulary of Americans over whom they wield considerable political and moral power.

    They have no influence over Isil or al Qaeda. Terror nowadays is associated with Islam which is associated with Arabs who have legitimate grievances against the West in the liberal worldview. Opposition to the expression of Arab grievance, even when it is involves violence is tantamount to post-colonial condescension and racism. Nor are the victims innocent because as Americans they share responsibility for the actions of their government.

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