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The European Migrant Crisis
A Continent Divided Against Itself
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  • Fat_Man

    If the British do not vote themselves out of this cluster&%$#, they are insane.

    • CapitalHawk

      The sad thing is, they may well be insane.

  • WigWag

    Negotiating with the Turks is useless. A far better approach would be to strap a parachute onto Angela Merkel and push her out of a low flying airplane over the center of Mosul. Leave the rest to ISIS.

    • Kevin

      Is it really necessary to waste a good parachute?

  • Jim__L

    If the EU develops a coherent foreign policy completely inconsistent with the desires and interests of their populations, they’ll probably get their own Donald Trump.

    • Kevin

      Donald Trump is substantially less radical than Le Pen, Orban, etc.

  • gabrielsyme

    With a one for one swap, the Turks would be pushing the migrants into boats at gunpoint. You have to pay attention to incentives. It’s as if European leaders are idiotic, but that couldn’t possibly be the case, could it?

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