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The European Immigration Crisis
The Moral Rot at the Heart of “Refugees Welcome”
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  • Tom

    If you haven’t figured out that the only people who weren’t thinking with their feels were a tiny few of the people opposed to mass asylum for refugees, you aren’t paying attention.

  • Pete

    “Yet until recently, speaking of restrictionism was taboo among the German and European elite; ”

    Politically correct sickness. What is wrong with these people????

    • Dale Fayda

      They’re worthless, gutlless turds.

  • Beauceron


    This is NOT being done because Europe sees “themselves as humanitarian paragons.” Well, maybe a few crystal wearing hippies do, but those nutters should not be in a position to influence policy. That’s the cover story, a thin veil.
    As in the US, the elites in Europe see themselves as a different breed than the peasants they rule over. The peasants in Europe have been making some noises about tipping over the apple cart of European integration, the single most important thing to Euro political, cultural and business elites. So the population needs to be changed– and watering the ruled down with millions of people who have absolutely no affiliation with or roots in any of the countries and who in fact would very much prefer open borders so they can visit family and friends strewn across Western Europe fits the ticket perfectly. There are no jobs in Europe for these people– and many of the jobs they could do will be filled by AI computers and robots in a decade or so anyway. This is about “fixing” the bump in the road to ever greater European union. And it will work, of course. There will be unpredictable blowback, like the Paris murders or the Cologne rapes, but after all, those were the peasants. You think the EU elite or their children are seeing rock concerts at some divey venue in Paris, or walking by revelers at the Cologne train station? The elite don’t need to worry about those things and the deaths and rapes and beating of the peasants is something that’s manageable.

    • Professor X

      I think you’re right, except that perhaps the elites do think of themselves as moral paragons. Their moral superiority derives from their openness to these newcomers, which they will accept regardless of–or perhaps because of–any effects on their national or European culture. (Western culture is so evil and banal, anyway, so perhaps this is a two-fer.) The benighted masses over which these elites rule are lacking in virtue and refuse to see the evil of their traditional ways, and therefore any ill effects they might suffer are probably well-deserved anyway. If the hoi polloi could learn to be less racist, and more like their betters, then there would be less trouble anyway integrating all the wonderful new “migrants” into society. So really, any inconvenience the peasantry might face is poetic justice for their own backwardness. Those sinners are just bringing it upon themselves! It’s almost enough to make an archon believe in God. Almost.

      Of course, American elites are no different from their European counterparts…

  • Corlyss

    If there’s one thing most of us great unwashed have figured out over the last 25 years, it’s that the Western Elites, who flatter themselves so relentlessly, can’t find their ass with both hands.

  • qet

    One sees a great deal of energy and fortitude amongst the refugees. A perseverance in the face of extreme difficulty and outright hostility. So why is it that these qualities could not have been used by their bearers to better ends in their home countries? Surely such people are, collectively, more than a match for their erstwhile oppressors.

  • ThomasD

    “Is that really what moral policy looks like?”

    Forget it Jake, it’s Europe.

  • delta 5297

    If Germany cannot take in the refugees, then America should. Germany and Canada are putting us to shame.

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