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A Failure of Vision
Ukraine’s Grim Slide
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  • Andrew Allison

    The West, specifically the EU, created the current mess in Ukraine by encouraging an association which was intolerable to Russia while having no intention of providing meaningful support. Since Putin holds all the cards, the solution, unpalatable as it may be, is for Ukraine to turn East. The alternative is an endless “frozen conflict”.

    • rheddles

      The Ukraine would be as valuable a part of the west as Greece and Turkey. they simply aren’t part of western civilization; they are Orthodox and Muslim no matter how hard they try not to be nor how hard we try to change them. They are occupied territory that create problems for the occupiers. we would be better off if we let them evolve their own way now that the cold war is over. Let them be Putin’s problem.

  • WigWag

    The Ukranians are about as ready for pluralism and democracy as the Arabs are.

    The idea that Ukraine was ready to join the West was never anything more than a cruel joke. Ukraine is not like the former Warsaw Pact countries and it is not like the nations which once comprised the former Yugoslavia.

    Ukrainian democracy was still-born. Let Putin have it.

  • Jacksonian_Libertarian

    I’m more hopeful than this article. I see the present political turmoil as the advancement of western culture and modern civilization in Ukraine. Compared to the Authoritarian backwardness of Russia, Ukraine is much further along the road to modern civilization.

  • Dave Ralph

    Walter, really, you are giving far too much credit to Self-Reliance and Fatherland, both of which are de-facto opposed to Ukraine’s integration with the West (despite paying lip service). Fatherland is the party of Yulia Tymoshenko and her 2 decades of corruption and lusting for power; Self-Reliance is run by the mayor of Lviv, Andriy Sadovy, who is scheming to become the president of a rump Western Ukraine after he helps to engineer the collapse of the Kiev government by cutting it off from Western support. Fatherland and Self-Reliance did not “quit in disgust”. They quit because instability in Ukraine suits their selfish agendas.

  • dannyboy116

    While we incorrectly blame Russia for all of Ukraine’s problems – the reality is that the problem is the Oligarchs (including Porochenko) who control everything for their own benefit, and have no intention of letting go of their cash cows. Interesting that the current “pro-Western” government in Ukraine is even more unpopular than the previous “pro-Russian” government that was overthrown during the coup two years ago. Giving Ukraine more money (whether it comes from the West or from Russia) won’t help, as it will all be stolen. That is how they got $35 Billion in debt in the first place. Instead of overthrowing (or voting out) the government every few years – the Ukrainian people are going to have to overthrow/defeat (whatever term you want to use) the oligarchs.

  • bscook111

    Russia is corrupt. Ukraine is more so. neither Russians nor Ukrainians are enamored of democracy as are we in the West. Slavic Eurasia is still a hard land and probably getting harder. The people want three things from their government: Keep the Mongol at bay. Keep the Aryan at bay. Leave me alone. Russia is engaged presently to prevent having to add a fourth existential condition: Keep Islam at bay.

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