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  • WigWag

    So what do we do now?

    • Andrew Allison

      Arm the Kurds

  • Anthony

    Headlines can often be (and generally are) misleading, but when it comes to Syria, they are especially so (Secretary Kerry and Foreign Minister Lavrov announced that they had agreed to cease hostilities and facilitate humanitarian aid in Syria, but did not know whether the leaders of “rebel groups” would adhere to the ceasefire).

  • Pete

    John Kerry is now and always has been a utter fool except when playing the role of a gigolo. There, the twit is highly competent

    • Dude 42

      Gigolo– How much does he charge? Holding each other in your arms, was his hair real? Or, while treating the former Senator to some DSK style rough-trade, did his toupee tear off in your fist at the climactiic moment? Regardless, it sounds that you left the experience highly satisfied…

  • gabrielsyme

    afterwards the regime flag goes up, the women and children are driven somewhere, no one knows where, and a healthy percentage of the surrendering men are lined up against the wall and shot.

    What is the source for this accusation? Genuinely curious if this is a reliable report. Mainstream human rights organisations haven’t provided this level of detail that I have seen.

    • Tom

      It’s a general description of what tends to happen when revolutions are quashed.

      • gabrielsyme

        Maybe so, and no one thinks the Syrian gov’t and the rebels haven’t committed war crimes, but Garfinkle says “this is the Syrian regime’s version of a ceasefire” – a pretty specific accusation. In its description of the execution of soldiers who have surrendered it goes beyond the reports I have seen and would arguably be some of the worst (non-ISIS division) conduct in this war. So is this an example of the poetic imagination misleadingly masquerading as reporting, or is there a source for this claim?

  • Blackbeard

    Has there been a worse foreign policy president in the last hundred years? Jimmy Carter was bad but even he eventually caught on after the Russian invasion of Afghanistan. These fools will never learn.

  • Beauceron

    Obama and Kerry outplayed at the negotiating table?

    It can’t be! Obama is a master chess player!

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