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The European Immigration Crisis
Europe’s Waning Welcome
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  • Dale Fayda

    About damn time!

  • Andrew Allison

    Surely you’re not suggesting that the elected should actually represent the interests of their citizens? Perish the thought!

    • iconoclast

      Elected or selected? The administrative states of Europe (rather like the rule by bureaucrat in the USA) probably find that notion amusing.

      • Andrew Allison

        Yeah, I contemplated include the unelected bureaucrats in Brussels, but elected for brevity. They are, in both cases, answerable to the elected officials who appoint them.

      • jaytrain

        It would be one thing if the mandarins , the self selected elites , were able to deliver a well ordered society efficiently and competently . But our mandarins go from one failure to the next and we the governed receive nothing but social chaos , failing services and ever higher costs .

        • Jim__L

          You know, I’m not even sure that in the best case self-selected Mandarins should have as much power as the Eurocrats take for themselves.

  • Beauceron

    If the elites continue to ignore the citizens, the citizens will have to take back control.
    Not every country is going to be as culturally prone as America, and just sit back and watch in silence as their country is flooded with third-worlders.

  • Nevis07

    Anyone else remember when this all started, how the media held Merkel in such idolatry?

    • vb

      This didn’t really start with Merkel. People have been landing in Greece for a longer time, and the only reporting you saw was about those who drowned. There was not good coverage of where these people were from and why they were coming or anything about the people making a fortune sticking them in overcrowded unseaworthy boats. That kind of reporting affects the way people view the situation and it is meant to arouse sympathy. There is a large population of lefty do-gooders who would like to replace Merkel.
      She made a bad response, but doesn’t bear sole responsibility. She is being criticized for things like suggesting they should be confined to reception centers until their identities can be confirmed. For the left, this was like sending them to Auschwitz.

    • Stumpy

      On the cover of Time.

  • Anthony

    “Contemporary Europe is wracked by a crisis of self-understanding. For a generation or more, the European political class has placed its hopes in the construction of a Europe increasingly estranged from the nations that compose it…Indeed, today’s Europe defines itself in opposition to the old nations and the old religion that gave it life for the last millennium.”

    “What Europeans need is the kind of humane, principled, scrupulous, and penetrating analysis that is all too rare today in an intellectual world tempted by the abdication of political and moral responsibility.” Likewise given WRM’s intimation in last two paragraphs, the same can be said of the United States of America. See Political Action and the Primacy of the Good:

  • rheddles

    Elites might consider when once these blackshirted thugs have developed sufficient organization to drive out the immigrants, who might be in their next target set.

    • From your lips to God’s ear…

    • bscook111

      Historically it has been the Jews. If so, the elites will join the pogrom and the Jews will get mugged or worse again in Europe.

      • rheddles

        Unfortunately the elites have been driving the Jews out of Europe with the help of their muslim myrmidons. When there are no Jews left, it will be the elites that offer the juciest targets.

        • Dan Warren

          Yes, the Leftist Elite thinks its A-OK to import millions of VEHEMENTLY anti-Jewish Arabs, thus threatening the very safety of the Jewish citizens. In effect, Merkel, who exploits the guilt of the Germans from WWII, is actually reinvigorating a new threat to the few Jews remaining in Europe…… humane of her….that will atone for the Nazi history! (sarc)

          • disqus_mfERPWUv3H

            Absolutely and excellent post Dan Warren. Yes indeed Merkel is exploiting the guilt of the Germans from WWII just like the Progressives are trying to exploit the white guilt in America due to slavery. The parallels are there for anyone to see and the results are national suicide.

      • Jeff McMullen

        Look at the ethnicities of these NWO types. The Bolsheviks were 85% J*wish and the rest were usually married to them. These facts are common knowledge in Eastern Europe where the victims of Communism are rife. Read 200 Years Together, if you can find an English Copy. Yuri Slezkind’s The Jewish Century also discusses this.

    • Dan Warren

      ‘blackshirted patriots’….there, fixed it for you.

    • Stumpy

      Hopefully the effete elites that allowed this to happen to begin with.

  • iconoclast

    When law enforcement collaborates to protect the criminals then committees of vigilance inevitably arise. The responsibility for the appearance rests with law enforcement and the State, not with those who say “enough”. Calling them thugs is a weak response and only demonstrates that the real enemy are the elites and their apparatchiks with a death-grasp on government.

    • This was from the pamphlet the anti-migrant ‘hooligans’ distributed:

      ‘The Justice system has walked out and the contract of society is therefore broken – it is now every Swedish man’s duty to
      defend our public spaces against the imported criminality.’

      That’s the essence of natural rights theory, rights originate with the individual and the state only acts as an agent for the individual. When the state fails to carry out its duties, the individual is well within their rights to act. That’s why I reject the talk of ‘vigilantism’ – it doesn’t belong to the state to decide what degree of safety its citizens ought to enjoy.

      • iconoclast

        Personally, I find the notion of anarchy worse than vigilantism. By most definitions these men are vigilantes–people who have taken the law into their own hands to become officer, judge, and jury. However, when the justice system has “walked out” (great phrase, btw), abdicated their most fundamental duty to keep good order, and ignored or perverted the rule of law then the social contract has been broken. In that case people must band together to fight or else lie down to be enslaved and abuse. Vigilantism is better than the alternative.

        • I agree with everything you say except maybe your definition of vigilantism. To my way of thinking, a vigilante is someone who rejects a functioning social contract; people who assert their natural right to self-defense in the absence of a functioning social contract aren’t true vigilantes (regardless of what the establishment would have you believe).

          And any elite that values the foreigner over the citizen as part of a policy of population replacement has broken the social contract; nations belong to their citizens, government doesn’t have the authority (either moral or legal) to ‘select’ a new people.

      • akulkis

        Sounds like theSwedes are finally figuring out the concept embodied by the phrase “The Rights of Englishmen” Now, if only their government worshiping cousins in Minnesota could figure it out.

        • Dan Warren

          The Minnesotans have the Somalis….200,000 of them, and they are being recruited to fight in the ISIS Jihad….the open question is where will they wage Jihad….in ISIS land……or in Minnesota….formerly known as the ‘land of 10,00 lakes”.

  • Pete

    “Football hooligans rampaged through the Stockholm train station on Friday evening targeting immigrants.”

    Rather it is: “Patriots rampaged through the Stockholm …… “

    • Stumpy

      Exactly !

  • Blackbeard

    Wishful thinking, the Left isn’t going to back off one inch. When an anti-open borders party actually wins power in a major European country I’ll start to believe it.

    • Dale Fayda

      See Hungary.

      • Blackbeard

        Yes, but I would argue that Hungary is not “major.” If Germany, France, Italy, etc. or another country in that class were to take such action that would be different.

        • With the Law and Justice victory in Poland, the Visegrad nations as a whole now form a solid nationalist bloc in European politics. Even the Social Democrats in Slovakia have categorically rejected taking ANY Muslim ‘migrants’.

    • Dan Warren

      If Trump wins the American election, he may well become a Churchillian symbol to inspire the European nations to FINALLY…FINALLY throw off their Leftist masters.

  • Boritz

    “the desperation of people fleeing war in their homelands is something to which no good human being can be indifferent.”

    There is ample evidence that the immigrants are choosing their destination in a highly selective manner preferring countries with generous welfare and completely rejecting those without it. This is highly rational and not the mark of desperation.

    • And many are also deliberately gaming the system by pretending to be minor, knowing that they’ll receive preferential treatment and be shielded from deportation. Many of these ‘migrants’ have a decided 15-going-on-28 cast to their appearance.

      • Dan Warren

        Yes, all the better for being placed in schools where the girls are young, naive, and oh so vulnerable and more easily exploited.

        • Exactly, it’s every father’s dream to have a 23 year old Somalian male sitting next to his 13 year old daughter. Just what you pay all that school tax for.

    • Basil Fotherington-Thomas

      The Yezidis fled to barren mountain tops to escape murder rape and torture. These people are fleeing to Germany so that they can rape and murder.

  • SandMan00

    Desperately fleeing war? No, more like exporting it. The high percentage of solitary, radicalized, military age young men streaming into Europe without wives, daughters or mothers are not “fleeing war.” They are the vanguard of an even larger colonizing force intent upon expanding the ummah. The question of how peaceful or militant this growing force will be is entirely dependent upon how willingly the European dhimmi submit to the new order of things.

    • Stumpy

      Correct. It is called the Hijra. It is underway before us. What will be done to not allow this to take place ? Clinton says she will allow sixty thousand. Surely just a starting point.

  • Jason Mayo

    Five billion (and counting) people living in the developing world would prefer a first-world life. The elites of Europe and the US seem indifferent to foisting millions of refugees upon their citizens, satisfied to live in their bubbles of privilege and favor. It is scandalous that our leaders do not insist that these millions stay put in their own cultures. Give the failed states medicine, food and shelter for their people, but be resolute that migration hither of hordes is not an option. It is not a xenophobe’s mission to preserve one’s culture, it is an act of enlightened self-interest.

  • ounceoflogic

    When a government knowingly acts against the will of AND against the best interest of its people, that government deserves to be toppled. In the meantime, some people will take matters into their own hands. EU governments refuse to stop allowing the flood of immigrants/refugees/criminals/terrorists, so the people have decided to make it less attractive for these folks to come.

  • jaytrain

    I believe I’ll get down my bovver boots and my brown shirt . I sense a change in the air .

  • Bethelbanana

    “Elites”? The author’s Freudian slip is showing. We’re not supposed to be ruled by “elites”, we’re supposed to be governing ourselves.

    Thank you for acknowledging we are no more than serfs on the fiefdom. The “elites” have made a bloody mess of just about everything from Berlin to Boston.

    Sounds like a bunch of scrub players to me. The people have a right to be pi$$ed.

  • Sven

    Doesn’t Europe know that not accepting refugees only strengthens ISIS? (SARC)

    I mean really, if the immigrants lived up to the “innocent orphans and widows” description the media claims I’m sure everyone would be just fine with accepting them. Only problem is, that isn’t what the majority of them are. They bring the same violence and hatred and cultural backwardness with them that they are trying to flee from.

    • Dan Warren

      No, the effect of such massive, third world immigration has no possibility other than to destroy the ethnic heritage, cultural heritage, peaceable civil society, and economic prosperity of the host people and their nation, to which only THEY have a birthright to.

  • lukelea

    Nicely said, WRM.

  • Barry Nichols

    There are two additional reasons why the attitude about immigrants is shifting in Europe and the U.S
    First, the behavior of the immigrants (and the conflict in values is represents) is terrible. The New Year’s Eve incidents in scores of cities in Europe showed this, behavior that had been going on for years, but that the “elites” in the media covered up.
    In the U.S., the same thing happens. I am in criminal law and can tell you that if you go down to the criminal courts in any city and look at the docket of cases for the day, it is astounding the number of names that aren’t Smith, Magnin, Wagner, or what ever. I would estimate that at least 80% of my child molest cases are Hispanic. Sorry. That is the truth.

    Second, the immigrants constantly have an attitude of “I want, I want.” This story is becoming common in Europe. It has long been the case in the U.S. Millions of Hispanics have come to the U.S., where life is not perfect but better than home. Anti-immigrant feelings would vanish if the largest Hispanic groups in the U.S. decided to use May 5th as an annual “Thank You America” Day where the theme was we are happy to be here and want to become part of the American fabric. If “Thank You” day had thousands of American flags in Hispanic hands and no flags from other countries, the rest of the nation would look on and say, “Welcome, fellow American.” (Obviously, not everyone at once. but the attitude would shift remarkable.)

  • Harry Callahan

    It is human nature to surround yourself with others who look, believe, and behave as you do. Too many elected leaders, though they demonstrate this themselves in their own lives, believe they can legislatively suspend this impulse in the masses. This, undoubtedly, another effort to prove Europeans are now fully evolved past the prejudices that spawned tne World Wars.

    Pure, unadulterated bovine excrement!

  • Harry Callahan

    If all the clsptrap about Islam being peaceful, and ISIS a petversion of it is true, those “refugee” young men are precisely the ones who should be at home fighting against ISIS, protecting their families and property from ISIS!

  • ggm281

    “the shortsightedness of arrogant policymakers who charged on without an understanding of public sentiment”

    Yep right there is exactly the problem. People already felt uncomfortable with the flood but were willing to strive to make it work until it became clear that the “refugees” would be held to a different standard of the law than anyone else in society. Police are literally refusing to respond to even violent attacks on the elderly. The response is “there is nothing we can do”. It’s obvious they have been ordered to just ignore the refugees and so the refugees know that they can behave badly with impunity. Obviously, it will get far worse before it gets better. And that is not only bad for societal cohesion, it is going to be bad for their economies as more and more people are afraid to go out in public.

  • Islamaphooey

    This illustrates the difference between theory and reality. It appears that citizens all over the world are getting fed up with leaders who are detached from reality.

  • Done With It

    Multiculturalism is the belief that you can import millions of immigrants who do not like your culture, who refuse to assimilate and who want to force you to accept their culture, and that nothing will go wrong.

  • akulkis

    It has NOTHING to do with the “psychological limits” of the Germans etc. to accept outsiders — it’s the rampant LAWLESSNESS of the Muslims they German, Swedish and other governments deliberately imported.

  • PierrePendre

    The unanimous support that the EU’s mainstream political class has accorded to immigrants, despite the misgivings of of their indigenous populations, was in part forced on them by the fact that large immigrant communities had established themselves in Europe before the extent of the consequent problems became fully apparent.

    France and Germany both imported cheap Muslim labour, from the Maghreb and Turkey respectively to man their postwar economic miracles but without the willingness to integrate them. Britain in the 1950s imported Blacks from the Caribbean and later the Ugandan Asians expelled by Idi Amin. It also permitted an influx of Pakistanis.

    By the time the presence of these newcomers had become seriously problematic for social cohesion, they were too large to be sent home, had acquired nationality rights via natality and were protected by the rise of human rights legislation and the anti-racism movement.

    Politicians were caught in a trap of their own making vis-a-vis their own native electorates which forced them to pretend that immigration was an economic necessity and a cultural bonus that added dollops of diversity to what had been distinctive national cultures.

    This latter effect was a deliberate policy goal of the New Labour government in Britain which threw open the floodgates to muslim immigration and endlessly “celebrated diversity” in the teeth of domestic resentment. One Labour official even said that the purpose was “to rub the noses of the Right” in the non-White influx.

    There is now no clear way forward that can resist Muslim demands for official recognition of their separateness in Europe and for official acceptance of Sharia which is already to some extent accepted unofficially. Every effort is made to stifle public discussion of, or adverse comment on, Islam’s place in the future of the EU.

    Like the LA Times refusing to publish any denial of global warming, the Guardian has said it will henceforth cease to allow comments on articles dealing with Islam, immigration and migrants.

    Europeans are aware that they have been comprehensively lied to by EU politicians who claimed that migrants now flooding in would be an economic boon which was needed to pay the future pensions of aging Europeans and to stem population decline. They will achieve the latter but most migrants are uneducated and unskilled young men.

    In Germany, they are unemployable because they do not speak German, a difficult language to learn, and they will not have families to educate as new Germans because there are no girls for them to marry unless Merkel also brings about an influx of Afghan, Syrian and Balkan women.

    The EU seems doomed to manage as best it can an indigestble, separate community of incomers and the growing, and growingly uncontainable, resentments of their unconsulted and angry electorates.

    • Dan Warren

      Excellent, excellent, excellent!

    • Dan Warren

      I’m going to save your post, and repost it other places.

  • Dan Warren

    Note: the post below mine is the best post I have ever read on this OPEN BORDER issue imposed by the ruling Leftist Elite power structure, upon the European people, and the American people, as well.

    I have been reading about Sweden, and have been absolutely amazed that the Swedes are NOT allowed to publicly criticize their Leftist ruler’s muti-culltural immigration policy, which has been an OBVIOUS DISASTER.

    I have read that if an ethnic native Swede publicly criticizes his government’s immigration agenda, that he is subject to prosecution by the government, and further, that Leftist, native Swedish vigilante groups may even attack and vandalize their homes. If that is not enough, dissenting Swedes may be subject to further public shaming by these leftist vigilante groups, even leading to the dissenting Swede being FIRED from his job.

    If this dictatorial silencing of an individual native Swedes is not outrageous enough, Sweden is BLOCKING THE Swedish people’s access to internet articles regarding the migrant crisis and immigrant violence against native Swedes.

    Finally, I have learned that the whole multi-cultural immigration policy was hatched by the Leftist Swedish rulers in the 1970’s unilaterally, with ZERO input from the Swedish people….Thank God the citizens of the USA have the right to FREE SPEECH, and that we, at least, have the possibility of rising up against the Leftist Ruling Elite, who are DELIBERATELY trying to FLOOD America with a similar massive influx of third world poor, for the purpose of overwhelming the native American population with a compliant foreign population of whom the Leftist democrat party in the USA will control the votes of, and simply be used as a tool of the Leftist to gain permanent, and total powere over the American political system, as well as the whole cultural narrative.

    Here is my post regarding this Issue of Massive Third World Immigration into the Western Nations:


    A New – New World Order for Western Nations’ Immigration Policies and Alleviating World Poverty:

    What matters most is that the USA, indeed, ALL of the Western nations, cannot allow the Leftist Ruling Class to turn their nations into the dumping grounds for the world’s poor, due to their idiotic leftist agenda of OPEN BORDERS, for the purpose of solidifying the Leftist voter base for permanent political power.

    The astronomical growth of the poor populations of the world necessitates a strict immigration policy, similar to Japan’s and South Korea’s, where they allow almost NO ONE to immigrate to and become citizens of their nation, unless they are Japanese or Korean descended.

    That may sound nonsensical to an American ear, but the gist of it is that NO NATION will be able to survive the desperate (or simply greedy) desires of the poor to escape the third world and get into the West, as the population and poverty mounts across the third world, in response to the opportunity of the Left’s policies of easy immigration to the West.

    Africa will have four billion people in a few decades, as just one example of rapid, unsustainable population growth of the poor of the world.

    How can any western nation preserve it’s ethnic heritage, cultural heritage, peaceable civil society, and economic prosperity if hundreds of millions of Chinese, Indians, Africans, Middle Easterners, South Americans, etc. are trying to crash the gates?

    Do the peoples of the West NOT have the RIGHT to preserve their birthright, their right to live in their own nations and fashion their nation’s futures as they see fit?

    If the Western populations are constantly needled into ‘preserving the environment’ by the LEFT, is not the preservation of the peoples of the Western nations’ ethnic heritages, cultural heritages, peaceable civil societies, and economic prosperity not just as important as the physical environment, if not more so?

    As is said, once a precious resource is lost, you cannot get it back… is gone forever, lost to the ages, just like the archeological treasures being so gleefully smashed by ISIS savages in the Middle East.

    The new focus of a new – new world order MUST be switched from massive immigration of the poor to the Western nations, to extremely strict immigration laws, with the intent of keeping populations in place, in the countries they were born to, and focus on guiding these nations to sustainable population control, and honest capable government, so that the third world can emulate the success of the Western nations.

    This may very well necessitate a turn to nation building strategies, guided by an alliance of the Western World, for humanitarian purposes, and will likely necessitate the removal and replacement of the various tin horn, kleptocratic dictatorships in numerous third world nations, one at a time, over a prolonged period.

    We cannot allow the world to be tipped on it’s edge, and have hundreds of millions of the world’s poor falling into the neat, comfortable slots of the Western nations, as if humanity is like the steel balls in a pin ball machine. Today, there are hundreds of millions of poor the world over who dream of moving to the West, and this number will only grow dramatically.

    They dream of moving to the West for instant gratification of their economic needs to be met, and with a wave of a magic wand, the payment is to be placed upon the taxpayers of the West.

    This is simply impossible, and will lead to the destruction of the Western nation’s ethnic heritages, cultural heritages, peaceable civil societies, and economic prosperity, IF the Leftist Elite rulers of the Western nations are allowed to continue this insanity of their rigid ideology, which has ZERO connection to the reality of what can be.

    IF the Western nations continue to allow massive immigration of the world’s poor, will this not strip these poor nations of some of their most resourceful individuals and cripple these nations ability to transform into successful nations, modeled upon the Western nations, given the West’s help in such a transition?….. If an easy alternative of immigration is always open to the best of the peoples of the poor nations (along with the worst), will NOT the poor nations of the world continue to languish in dysfunction and poverty, rather than have the most capable people of these nations stay and do the hard work of many years, of transforming their countries into decent places to live, well governed and just….. The same hard work which the Western nations did over centuries?

    Given modern technology and assistance from a well meaning West, cannot such a transformation of the poor nations of the world be accomplished in record time frames? But, if the open immigration policies of the Western nations allow an easy outlet to the peoples of the poor nations, will not this possible transformation simply languish, possibly never to be accomplished?

    The Leftist Ruling Class across the Western nations needs to be thrown out and replaced by serious, realistic leaders who will be able to propose, sell, and implement the DRASTIC actions the whole Western world needs to implement now, in terms of the massive debt, immigration, and a host of other calamities the Left has rained down upon the Western world over the past many decades.

    We need a revolution BACK to Western Civilization, which the Left has been thoroughly TRASHING for many, many decades.

  • themaskedblogger

    There’s the word with the bark on it. It’s time for public servants to remember they are servants and not masters.

  • J. G.

    Immigration will be the issue in 2016 in the US. For 40 years or so both the Democrats and Republicans have welcomed illegal & legal immigration at the low skilled level (gives the Dems more votes) and high skilled end (both of those “end levels” give business and the Republican establishment what it wants – “unprotected from easy firing and intimidation” cheap labor at the unskilled end and cheap “unprotected” skilled labor at the other end). But that immigration takes away the hopes and ambitions of white, black, and hispanic US citizen workers whether they are unskilled or skilled, as they cannot compete at either the unskilled or skilled end in labor costs with the immigrants. At some point all 3 citizen ethnic groups will realize this, and probably already have. By, by Ms American Pie, end of both parties unless the new champions of the middle class – white, black & hispanic – take over both parties, even with different views on how to fix the decline of the middle class..

  • disqus_mfERPWUv3H

    Are you listening Democrat and Republican establishment and elites????????????

    Your day of reckoning is coming if you don’t…………

  • MrBiggsEsq

    The immigration is a conscious aspect of Islamic theology—the Hijrah, or immigration to spread Islam…
    …which is one of only 2 ways to absolutely assure salvation in Islam theology…..

  • I Detest Leftists

    The horse is already out and now they’re closing the barn door?

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