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China's Bubble
China’s Shady Statistics
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  • Jacksonian_Libertarian

    What we do know is that $1+Trillion in foreign currency left China in the last year. That is more than 5.55% of what may be a badly over estimated $18 Trillion GDP. No nation in history has lost that much foreign investment, in that short a period of time, and the bleeding isn’t over yet. What’s more, is that was the most valuable capital in China, as it brought foreign expertise, informed and motivated by the “Feedback of Competition”, as well as the captive export markets of that investment money, with it. For a final nail in the coffin, consider that in the 40 years since the opening of China, China hasn’t produced a single world recognized brand name like Sony, Samsung, Toyota, Kia, Intel, Microsoft, Apple, Google, etc… Although it isn’t well recognized, the Chinese economy is now in freefall. And as the Chinese people realise this fact, they are going to be enraged, with war and revolution the likely result.

  • Dale Fayda

    Anyone who thinks that ANY statistics from any Communist government are even close to reality needs to have their heads examined. Communism is a parallel universe, where logic and objectivity do not exist.

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