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The Coming Backlash
Migrants Molested Women in Cologne on NYE

A mob men of reportedly North African and Arab origin assaulted women in downtown Cologne on New Year’s Eve, in attacks Mayor Henriette Reker characterized as “monstrous” and “lawlessness.” Deutsche Welle reports:

Some 90 criminal complaints, including one allegation of rape, have been brought to the Cologne police department after women said they were molested by a crowd of men who had gathered in the city’s famous square between its central train station and towering Gothic cathedral. Authorities expect more victims to come forward in the next few days.

City police chief Wolfgang Albers said the crowd was composed of up to 1,000 heavily intoxicated men who gave the appearance of being “Arab or North African” in background.

The police chief told German news agency dpa that the incidents represented “an intolerable situation” for Cologne. His department has already assembled a task force to deal with the matter

It’s worth taking a moment, in light of the luridness of these allegations, to note that Deutsche Welle is an impeccably mainstream source, the German state-owned international broadcaster—the equivalent of BBC World Service or VOA. DW has an explicit mission to portray Germany as a “liberal, democratic state based on the rule of law.” Meanwhile, Henriette Reker, the Mayor, is an independent supported by the Greens as well as the CDU, and she has previously been stabbed by an anti-immigration extremist. In other words, these serious allegations are not coming from far-Right sources, but from the center of the German establishment.

These kinds of stories could well change the face of refugee politics in Germany. Thus far, Angela Merkel has been successfully playing “good cop” to her partner Horst Seehofer’s “bad cop“—a dance meant to secure the sensible center from the rise of fringe actors in Germany’s politics. That little dance may not be sustainable in the face of these kinds of reports. As TAI Editor Adam Garfinkle presciently noted in September, as German elites publicly preened about their high-mindedness for flinging open the doors to the miserable masses hurtling their way from the chaos in Syria:

[W]e are about to witness the biggest boon for right-wing xenophobes since the 1930s. All this moral unction reminds me of the reality-challenged 1920s in Europe, which gave rise to the very ugly 1930s […] and we all know what happened next. How is the thinking in Berlin now different in essence from the calamity of Kellogg-Briand and Locarno?

European leaders, having embarked on the project of rapidly integrating large numbers of immigrants from a failing society into their own, may have a day of reckoning ahead, perhaps sooner than most people expected it to come.

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  • Andrew Allison

    Could this have been a social-media generated flash mob? If so, the implications are ominous.

    • rheddles

      The Teutons know how to use cell phones also. I anticipate a lot of out of door political activity as the weather warms.

    • Boritz

      If these things continue the Germans will respond — by adding new words to the popular lexicon. Two possibilities are:
      Befummelnmassenschlägerei — fondling mass brawl
      Beruhrenkrawall — touching rukus

      • Andrew Allison

        Gotta love the extensibility of the German language (and those who appreciate it). But I fear that I may not have got my point across: if, as I suspect, what happened in Cologne was a social-network engineered Befummelnmassenschlägerei, Europe is about to see some really hard times.

    • I had that same thought when reports described it as ‘coordinated’.

  • Rodney

    In the past few years, there has been a growing belief among Christians espousing premillennial eschatology that the anti-Christ would be Islamic. Of course, that led me to wonder how Islam would be compatible with the great harlot, Babylon the Great. So, I asked a coworker who had spent about a year in the UAE if she had any insights based on her experience working in a Muslim culture, and her response was interesting. The men are not taught self control. If a woman does not protect herself by covering up, it is her fault if she is sexually assaulted. If her male relatives fail to protect her, the assault is their fault, not the fault of the assailant. I have heard some ignoramus’ with questionable values claim that anyone who fails to lock up his stuff deserves to have it stolen. This Islamic viewpoint appears to be a variant of that argument.

    • Ofer Imanuel

      Unfortunately, what you say is true. It also fits with “honor killings”.

      • LizardLizard

        So, the brother fails to protect his sister from being raped, then he “has to” kill her, right? Gives new meaning to the word “sick.”

        • It’s an old, old meaning. It is primitivism, pure tribalism that affords women the rights of your prize Holstein. Well, maybe not that much. Forward.

          • richard40

            But the US patriarchy, where we fail to offer appropriate trigger warnings for misogynist speech, and fail to suppress that speech, is immensly worse. And after all Muslims are an oppressed people, and we have no right to judge them, that would be Islamophobic. Just ask your local diversity administrator, dem politician, or leftie reporter, and they will set you straight.

  • Beauceron

    “It’s worth taking a moment, in light of the luridness of these allegations, to note that Deutsche Welle is an impeccably mainstream source”

    It’s also worth noting that the German media did whatever they could to bury this story. It’s five days after the events and it’s just coming out that there were mobs of men molesting women? The only reason mainstream outlets like DW are reporting this at all is because it got to the point where they had no other choice– too many smaller outlets reported it, it was going around social media platforms.

    In any case, this is the new normal. The power of the Left– namely from the media-academic complex– is just too overwhelming these days in Western society. It will pass, and people– Germans just like Americans– will simply get used to these sorts of things as the way things are now. The first mob gets in the news, repeated mobs over the years become old news.

    In any case, not to sound callous, but I have no sympathy for Germans whatsoever. This is what they wanted, this is what they got. They knew this was the inevitable result of these policies– their next door neighbor, France, has had these issues for a decade, as has Sweden.

    • LizardLizard

      Coverage of this story in France (says my Francophone friend) has also been notably diluted. Just some drunken people who may or may not have had North African/Arab origins and may or may not have been recent immigrants…. move along, nothing to see. I love the term “reality challenged”. It is exactly this perception that the American administration is “reality challenged” that is fueling Trump’s rise. Who are you going to believe, me or you lying eyes? Little by little people are choosing the latter, despite the MSM’s attempt to show Islam as a religion of peace. Furthermore, they are very, very angry about being lied to.

  • bannedforselfcensorship

    Just throwing a spitball against the wall, but if I were a foreigner who’s first impression of your country was a complete lack of interest in enforcing border controls, and was offering money to me monthly, I might just decide your society really doesn’t care how I act or care about the rule of law.

    • Jim__L

      And if I were a German voter getting an impression of how the elites are responding to these outrages, at what point does the lesser of two evils become the police crackdowns (or other unpleasantness) that right-leaning parties would impose, versus the mob violence the current elites turn a blind eye to?

      Simply having sympathetic media bury these stories won’t be enough. If the elites cede this issue to rabid Nationalists political parties, they will share the blame for whatever ugliness results.

      Elites need to get moving and solve these problems, or admit they’re not as elite as they need to be and step down.

      • Beauceron

        “Elites need to get moving and solve these problems”
        I am starting to think, even though this is too conspiratorial for my tastes, that perhaps this is exactly what the elites wanted. One of the things that goes unmentioned in all of this (or at least I have not seen it discussed) is how a mass immigration of muslims from around the globe will affect an individual country’s idea of the EU. Even in Germany, the main driver of European integration, the idea that the EU was going too far too fast had set in, particularly after the recent debt rows with Greece and other countries. Millions of immigrants who have no interest in being German or French or English is certainly a boost for the EU. Those people won’t have any issues with a supra-national body, especially if that means they can more easily move or visit friends and family who landed in another country.

        • LizardLizard

          At this point, what difference does it make. All be Caliphate, sucker.

        • Andrew Allison

          I think it’s a bit more complicated than that. Germany clearly recognizes that it has a demographic problem and needs immigrants in order to grow the economy (and support all those old folks). This problem is by no means unique to Germany. The issue is how well the immigrants can be assimilated. If assimilation fails, as it has in France, the outcome will be disastrous: the immigrants will not just be unproductive, they will be destructive.

      • Bandit

        Elites need to get moving and solve these problems

        They are moving to fix the problems of their continuing control of the gov’t by importing a mass of gov’t dependents. Oh you meant something else??

        • LizardLizard

          Because…. not Nazis. Warm and cuddly Germans. Not Nazis.

        • Andrew Allison

          I think you are mistaking Germany for the USA [grin]

      • LizardLizard

        Well, isn’t it the women’s fault? If they would just stay home, or at least cover themselves when they went out, none of this would happen.<=( For you dim light bulbs out there, this is a sarcastic remark. )

      • Andrew Allison

        Excellent comment! Might i add that the issue is whether the current elites will recognize, and respond to, the issues or be replaced. It’s important because, at least in Europe, the present elites are probably preferable to the ones which will assuredly replace them if they fail to act responsibly.

    • gabrielsyme

      Welcome to the new Weimar era, ushered in by the oblivious German elites. Let us hope it lasts longer than the last one.

  • Jim__L

    Kellogg-Briand was utopian nonsense, but as far as I’ve studied it, Locarno was at least a serious try at implementing good relations between France, Germany, and England. Sure, the rickety jury-rig of international loans and restructured reparations payments was swept away by the ’29 stock market crash and that was pretty much that, but it had more of a shot than K-B ever did.

  • rheddles

    It is worth noting that later reporting casts doubt on the accuracy of the headline. But the police have also insisted that many of the men had been known to
    them for some time and that they were not a group of newly-arrived
    Whether or not they are migrants or native born is unclear. Hard to say which would be worse.

    So why no arrests if the cops know who they are?

    • Beauceron

      Hmmm…I don’t know about that. Perhaps the police knew some of them– frankly, I doubt they have any idea one way or the other.
      At a news conference today:

      “At the moment we have no leads about the perpetrators,” city police chief Wolfgang Albers told journalists in a joint press conference with recently-elected mayor Henriette Reker.

      So they have nothing. It’s a mystery!

    • LizardLizard

      And I fail to understand what difference the exact timing of their arrival makes. Something is happening in Germany that didn’t use to happen, and unsurprisingly, Muslim men are the ones doing it. Am I the only one thinking “duh!” here?

      • rheddles

        The difference is that if they have been there for some time, or are even natives, they have failed to grasp the most minimal idea of how civilized people act in spite of their extended exposure. Speaks to the issue of whether they can ever be assimilated.

      • This is the position, or we might say, the tactic of the Merkel types. Watch the stats and incident reports carefully. You will find that a born Swede will be identified as such whether he is descended from Lief Erickson 800 years ago or descended from Muhammed Jihad who came to Sweden fifteen years ago because his brand of Islam was too violent for Assad.

        • Andrew Allison

          You’ve opened a (worth carefully examining) can of worms. The issue is radical Islamism, regardless of the birthplace of the perp. Surely the patrimony of the perpetrator of a crime is irrelevant? What we have seen in Europe is that it is (economically disenfranchised?) native-borne that are the threat?

  • Good thing she’s got commie bonafides or none of this would have officially happened! You imbeciles should read what you ignorantly dismiss as ‘Far Right’ with some care and you wouldn’t find yourself blindsided by Jihad, climate unchange, economic disaster etc. Halfwits. Forward.


    Western elites treat their countries’ citizens literally as cannon-fodder for the (multi-)cultural wars.

  • Terenc Blakely

    After two generations of ‘progressive’ leadership were western Europe’s population have been propagandized to reject any pride in their culture and history, they’ve succeeded in creating nations of wussies. Other than minor flareups of violence nothing will change. The hordes of Muslim squatters will remain unintegrated who will continue to gang rape any western women they can catch while waiting for the Caliphate. Good news though, progs want the same thing for this country.

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