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The Sunni-Shi'a War
How Not to Offshore Balance
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  • Kevin

    Do the Chinese feel secure enough in Xinjiang to support the Saudis (or can they effectively make the Saudis ceasing tgeirvagitationthere as a quid pro quo)? A Sino-Saudi entente could solve many problems both parties face.

  • Pait

    It seems that the alliance with the Saudis is not sustainable in the present form, precisely because the regime’s disgraceful record undermines American claims of balance and respect for human rights. In retrospect, excessive indulgence of the Saudi regime must be considered a serious error, especially after 9/11. It has most definitely weakened our standing in the world and thus made us less secure.

    The only way for the US to maintain the relationship in some form is for the Saudis to improve their behavior. The recent mass executions show that they prefer to go in the opposite direction. That is not good, and it is not clear that US pressure will have much effect, but encouraging their current behavior is not an alternative.

  • lukelea

    God’s dilemma?

  • Fat_Man

    “Meanwhile, the U.S. Administration also seems to be gingerly weighing in on the side of Iran.”

    Oh, Lord. The Obama administration is completely in the tank for Iran, and has been since day one. They aren’t interested in offshore balancing. They are interested in slobbering over the Ayatollahs. As for the interests of the United States: Frankly, Scarlett, Barack and Valerie don’t give a damn.

  • bottomfish

    I suppose the major reason the Obama Admin tilts toward Iran is that they don’t want that laboriously-achieved JCPOA to be thrown out. It seems to me uncertain that it would be thrown out MERELY because of the execution-and-embassy-burning episode. Iran’s stake in the lifting of sanctions is very high, Perhaps there is another reason for the tilt: Obama and Kerry really do think Iran will enter a liberalized consition, rather like the Soviet “Glasnost”, and emerge a democracy of some sort.

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