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Russia's Economic Woes
Putin to Firefighters: No Christmas Pay for You
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  • Aldus du Flaperon

    Want to get rid of Putin? Be careful what you wish for …

  • iconoclast

    “People in the West, including Russian exiles and emigres, should begin to think about how, if and when Russia gets a second chance, the rest of us can play a more constructive role in the next high-stakes round of Russian state-building.”

    Good advice but how to get it done? Russia is a unique country and culture, combining incredibly high levels of individual achievements with a general culture that appears very toxic and corrupt. How can any outside agency effect the cultural changes needed to propel Russia into it’s well-deserved place in the 1st world?

    • GS

      The leaders are always adequate to [the socially active part of] those led by them. The leader of a rat pack can only be a rat, and not a lion, and a pack led by a rat can consist only of the other rats and not of anything else. The country [many knowledgeable people call it “neo-soviet”] is essentially communistic – if one is to understand communism as a mafia-like way of life and not as the red banners with the hamsickles on them. A thorough decommunization, which is what is being implied, would require a genocide – which would be extremely unfashionable, besides there being nobody capable or willing to implement it. Nor were Gorbachev or Yeltsyn in any position to implement or even to wish it.

  • Jim__L

    “When things like this start to happen, it’s a sign that the foundations of a government are weakening.”

    I have never seen such a gingerly presented comment about actual bankruptcy.

    So, can Paul Krugman explain exactly why printing a whole lot more fiat rubles isn’t automagically solving all these “non-problems”?

    • Tom

      Because he’s a partisan hack, not a moron.

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