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Shots Fired in the Med
Turkey Blinks?
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  • Jim__L

    So has the White House figured out we’re looking at US/Sunni vs. Russia/Shia battle lines, with Shiites advancing in power?

  • gabrielsyme

    Alas that Russia was prevented by the strategic delusions of France and the United Kingdom from liberating Constantinople in the 19th century. Just as Turkey has ethnically and religiously cleansed that great city by means of through pogroms, persecutions and genocide over the past century and a half, so too their policy in Syria looks to do the same.

    • Jim__L

      France and the UK were playing politics as they knew them. Fear of the Russian army has been a feature of European politics for centuries. At the time, Russia was on the move on the ‘stans of Central Asia, and the Great Game was afoot. Envy of Russia’s potential success counterbalanced humanitarian concerns. Confessional solidarity had been given a bad name by then, specifically defense of co-religionalists in foreign countries was deprecated by the Westphalian system. I’m not sure you could call it a delusion though; you have to admit, solidarity with Slavs (similar to the Hellenes of the Asia Minor situation) caused a few troubles in the early 20th.

      All that said, we’re seeing people in many countries root through the recycling bin of history to see what old/new systems can be used to resolve the problems the inbred elites of today seem to be incapable of solving. Russia has trotted out some from the 19th century. Is anyone surprised?

      I’m curious what sort of support Russia has among nominally “Christian” (i.e., non-Arab) people in Syria, whether they’re soliciting that support, whether they’re making an effort to destabilize political Islam there, etc etc etc.

  • Jacksonian_Libertarian

    Obama is the worst President in American History.

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