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Asia's Game of Thrones
Shinzo Abe Goes to India
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  • longlance

    Shinzo Abe dreams of getting into Nanking on an shiny new tank. He is such a tool. USA plans to use Japanese & Indians as cannon-fodder in the planned war of aggression against China.

    • Tyler Johnson

      I assume you refer to the same China which is ruled by a Communist regime that murdered tens of millions of its own people (by starvation, execution, physical abuse, etc.) to satisfy the ego of a sociopath named Mao Zedong (still honored by the current regime). Or perhaps you refer to the same China that killed thousands of Tibetans who had the audacity to object to forced famine and Chinese occupation. Or maybe you mean the China that sent hundreds of thousands of its men to die (along with millions of Koreans–even Kim Il Sung begged Mao to stop the war) so that Mao could suck U.S. troops into Korea to die and get more Soviet aid. Or maybe you mean the Chinese regime that murdered thousands of pro-democracy protesters in Tiananmen Square, occupies islands claimed by other nations and fortifies them, picked fights with India multiple times, claims Taiwan as a renegade province even though a province cannot possibly be rebellious when the government claiming it has NEVER CONTROLLED IT, ever, maintains a massive, nuclear-armed military, supports the aggressive and murderous North Korean regime, jails and sometimes kills political and religious dissidents, etc. Gee, I cannot imagine why the (democratically elected) governments of Japan and India might be the tiniest bit nervous about that China and eager to strengthen each other.

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