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Far-Right Rising
The Globalization of the Right?
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  • Jim__L

    Laicite has failed France, as it has the rest of the Continent. Why should people not be looking for alternatives in keeping with their culture?

  • WigWag

    With this uninformed essay, Via Meadia does what it does best; finding the sour-spot of any social phenomon and riffing on it. Suggesting that Trump is a “proto-fascist” doesn’t demean him; he could care less what his media critics think. It does demean the tens of millions of Americans who find Trump’s message at least somewhat compelling and who yearn for relief from the remarkably failed policies that both political parties have foisted on the American public for over a generation. While the author of this essay makes no effort to hide his contempt for Trump, the group that really deserves that contempt is the sordid group of Republican and Democratic elites who have spent the last quarter century doing everything in their power to wreck America.

    Trump is not attempting to create a “white identity” movement and most of the parties labelled as far right in Europe are not “nativist” in nature either.

    What ties the Trump phenomenon and the Marine Le Pen phenomenon together (not to mention the PVV, the UKIP or any of the others) is that they are motivated by exactly the same thing; the decades long war that American and European cosmopolitan elites have been waging against average citizens. The cosmopolitan values that most North American and European elites treasure are sharply at odds with the values that most average American and European citizens hold dear. Elites on both sides of the Atlantic are doing everything that they can to squelch democracy so that they can impose their values on average people for whom they harbor nothing but contempt.

    Just as the Islamic world is experiencing two simultaneous civil wars (the war between Shia and Sunni and the war between the Muslim Brotherhood and Sunni autocrats), the Western world is also experiencing two simultaneous battles; the war between the West and Islamic extremism and the war between cosmopolitan elites and the people those elites consider to be the great unwashed.

    Trump, a traitor to his class is standing up to all of the arrogant and obnoxious leaders of the Democratic and Republican Parties in much the same way the Le Pen, Wilders, Farge and others are standing up to the obnoxious leaders of Europe’s traditional political parties.

    Paranthetically, we see the same thing in Israel, where the values that define Tel Aviv have little in common with the values of Israel’s Russian immigrants or religious settlers.

    Pick which ever side in this war floats your boat. It’s pretty obvious from this essay that Via Meadia’s sympathies lie with the cosmopolitan denizens who are firmly convinced that they are superior in every way to the majority of their fellow citizens.

    • Jim__L

      I think JW should get some points for realizing that there is something out there besides the point of view of the cosmopolitan elites. Slowly, slowly, people are realizing that that point of view is an echo chamber, not a national consensus.

      Ironically, Trump may or may not be embarrassing us in front of anyone besides the cosmopolitan elites of other countries of the EU. The question is, how long are those elites going to matter, with demographics as they are? I suspect they’ve got one more generation, two at most, before they destroy Europe irretrievably. On the other hand, their power may be measured in years not decades if Europeans realize how modern Leftism and population decline go hand-in-hand, and decide that their only hope is in re-embracing traditional values.

  • Dale Fayda

    “…as evidenced by the rise to prominence of the red-haired bigot who is currently humiliating America on the world stage.”

    No one has done more to humiliate America and to degrade its influence in the world in real, lasting, substantive ways than Barack Hussein Obama. While what Trump does draws shocked gasps and sneers of derision from the political commentariat, what Obama does emboldens and enables America’s real (not imaginary, despite what Obama tells us) enemies.

  • solstice

    JW, what on earth does restricting Muslim immigration have to do with “proto-fascist” or “white identity” politics? Last I checked, Islam is not a race and Donald Trump is not calling for increased immigration restrictions on non-white Middle Eastern, African, and Asian Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, and atheists. I am not in favor of Donald Trump’s call for a blanket ban on “all” Muslim immigration because I see no threat from liberal-minded, secular, and ex-Muslims. I do, however, see a threat from religious Muslims who take seriously the fundamental tenets of their barbaric religion. The mainstream politicians who deny the existence of this problem and who stigmatize those who point it out bear significant responsibility for Donald Trump’s rise. If you want to complain about proto-fascist politics, look no further than the politically correct left-wing thought police who infest our universities, media, and government bureaucracies.

    • Gary Hemminger

      Far left brings far right. Far right brings far left. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. the left doesn’t get it. Neither does the right. When will centrists take back control of this country?

      • Jim__L

        When centrists actually have a cohesive platform. Is it socially liberal and fiscally conservative, or is it fiscally liberal and socially conservative? The parties as they are may well represent the collections of beliefs that require the fewest “dealbreaker” compromises on the parts of their members.

      • Angel Martin

        if you look at the “centrists” in both of the Washington parties, we see the factions that are most in favour of amnesty and open borders, most in favour of “free” trade, most hooked up to big Wall Street interests, most likely to retire to become lobbyists and most likely to lobby for foreign governments. “Centrists” also tend to want to raise energy and consumption taxes, and tend to be the most contemptuous of ordinary voters that oppose any of the above agenda.

        “Centrists” offer nothing on terrorism/security except PC platitudes and ineffective “common sense” gun control.

        Why would any disaffected voter want to support “centrists” when their policy agenda is mainly directed to the elite media and Washington lobbyists ?

  • TheCynical1

    Why does this smug, egalitarian writer think it relevant to note the hair color of the alleged “bigot.”

  • Gary Hemminger

    I agree with this article. Trump is an idiot that will say whatever he wants. But he won’t be able to do any of this if he does get so lucky to actually become President. He knows this. I know this. Why everyone else is not clear about this says a lot about the intelligence of many folks. If the Republicans had any unity and sense whatsoever, they would get together and decide that everyone but Rubio and Cruz needs to get out of the race and then attack the heck out of Trump. But the Republicans are bizarre. They have a real opportunity to take all of the levers of government, and I am sure they will do whatever it takes to blow the opportunity. The real story here, and Via Meadia has made this point, is that the Liberal elite in America and Europe are totally out-of-control. Their ideology of open borders and cultural abandonment is absurd and is leading to outrageous decision making.

    The question is when will the centrists finally decide that enough is enough and marginalize the left and the right. the left has too much control of the communication media and is making people nervous with their anti-free speech, anti-gun, anti-christian, and strange foreign policy decision making.

    • solstice

      The Republicans nominated Romney because he was apparently the most “electable” candidate and look how that turned out. He ran against a weak and incompetent incumbent and still lost largely because he excited very few people and came across as a phony politician. Trump is saying truths that need to be said, breaking politically correct taboos that need to be broken, and upsetting people who deserve it the most (establishment Republicans and Democrats, leftists, black supremacists, whiny Muslims etc.). In that sense, he is doing the country a tremendous service. I personally prefer Cruz because I don’t think Trump has the ideal personality and temperament for the presidency and he has behaved in ways that I consider immature. Cruz generally holds the correct positions and says much of what Trump says, but with far more tact and discipline. But I don’t want Trump to drop out; if he doesn’t get the nomination, it should be because the voters decided that another candidate possessed more merit. And if he wins the nomination, I would support him vigorously because he would be far better than the current president or Hillary.

    • Angel Martin

      “But he won’t be able to do any of this if he does get so lucky to actually become President.”

      Completely wrong !

      In the core issues that Trump has identified (restricting illegal immigration, restricting free trade, restricting muslim immigration, military operations against ISIS) a President has tremendous discretion.

      Trump, or any President does not need additional legislation to do any of this. The legislative authority already exists. The missing ingredient is leadership.

      And Trump has already proved that he is not cowed by Beltway and elite media disapproval !

  • Andrew Allison

    See: for how ill-informed the criticism of Trump is. What part of “Trump 35, Carson 15, Rubio 14, Cruz 14, Bush 5” is unclear to you? Trump is, horrors, resonating with the peons who actually cast votes as opposed to sneering at him.

  • Jacksonian_Libertarian

    “red-haired bigot”

    There speaks the leftist losing the argument, leftists immediately start calling people with opposing views “Racists”. When there are many other legitimate reasons for holding anti-immigrant and anti illegal alien positions. Like jobs, wages, safety net stress, and security from the Terrorist spawning Islamic Culture. The leftists have been losing so many arguments lately the go to name calling has lost most of its sting. The leftists recognize this and have been adding “phobes” into their name calling, as in Islamophobes, or Homophobes. Ignoring the fact that a phobia is an “Irrational fear” of something, but seeing that Jihadists have already killed over 32,000 people this year, fearing Muslims is completely “Rational”. And taking actions to minimize the risk of becoming a victim of the Islamic Culture is only common sense.

  • FriendlyGoat

    “or if it helped American conservatives offer a more inclusive economic vision” (last paragraph)

    Oh, what a cutesy idea. If ever there was or had been an “economic inclusion” of everyone in modern American political conservatism, THERE WOULD BE NO SUCH THING AS A “LEFT” IN POLITICS. We would all be conservatives pursuing “a more inclusive economic vision”—–except—-oh gee—–conservatism demands EVERYTHING BUT that sweet little concept. Good grief. TAI in doubletalk again.

  • Tom

    We can argue about whether or not Donald Trump is actually bigoted or not until the cows come home; that is not the truly worrisome aspect of a Trump presidency.
    The worrisome aspect of a Trump presidency is that it is all about him and that he sets out to deliberately alienate the people he’s going to need to make his policies work; furthermore, he thinks he knows everything. And people think this last is a selling point.

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