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European Nightmare
Jihadists Using Refugee Flows?
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  • Fat_Man

    “the meritocratic priesthood isn’t wrong about everything”

    Name one.

    • Jim__L

      That if those knuckles stop dragging and start looking for faces to impact against, tomorrow will be worse than today in this country.

      On the other hand, whether the meritocratic priesthood is able to offer a better alternative remains to be seen.

      • Fat_Man

        They have been at it for the past 25 years. Have you noticed things getting better?

        • Jim__L


          I think it would be best if we found a way to fire them.

          • f1b0nacc1

            More worrisome I think is that they are looking for ways to fire US

          • Jim__L

            Remove the electorate and impanel a new one? Yeah, look at how that’s turning out for the EU…

          • f1b0nacc1

            For the citizens or the ‘elites’? The latter seems to be doing just fine….the former, well….it isn’t as if they mattered in the first place

    • Pete

      Hey, Mead has to say that as he is part of that mer.itocratic priesthood

    • iconoclast

      Hiroshima & Nagasaki?

      • Jim__L

        Read about the Battle of Okinawa sometime.

        Then tell me that there weren’t legitimate fears that an invasion of the Home Islands would amount to genocide, and so the sacrifice of H&N were justified.

        • iconoclast

          I meant that as example of positive decisions by our elite

          • Jim__L

            I was looking at today’s fashionable elite deprecation of ending the war the way we did.

            Although, “Give ’em Hell” Harry wasn’t an Ivy Leaguer, so I’m not sure they get credit for it anyway.

          • Fat_Man

            Ivy Leauger? HST didn’t sully himself with college.

          • Fat_Man

            Harry Truman was a Member of my grandfathers generation. He was the last President who did not go to College, which probably explains why he was so good as President. The men of his time who were eligible to be members of the meritocratic priesthood, were Soviet agents like Harry Dexter White and Alger Hiss. Obama would have been a Soviet agent, his mother and grandfather were communists, but, alas, the Soviet Union had disappeared, and Putin thinks of Obama as lunch meat.

          • iconoclast

            I wonder if the only reason the elitist left was in favor of nuking Japan was for the benefit of the USSR.

    • Tom

      That nationalism, as opposed to patriotism, is pernicious.
      Their remedy, of course, is worse.

      • CapitalHawk

        I presume you mean multi-culturalism by “their remedy”. The problem with their remedy is that it is going to re-awaken racial nationalism (and maybe already has, especially in Europe).

  • Andrew Allison

    There is no question that jihadist militants have concealed themselves in a huge flow of asylum seekers passing through Eastern Europe. To pose the question is delusional.

    • Gene

      Yes, and it’s ironic that western progressives, ever on the alert for racism and bigotry on the part of “ordinary people” who allegedly look down on foreigners, apparently can’t believe that jihadists are smart enough to use refugee flows as a way to get into western nations. How condescending do you have to be, to think that the people who want to kill you are too stupid to actually be a threat?

    • Jim__L

      Posing obvious truths like these as questions is a way that someone without (the perception of) any power gets to introduce an idea into a debate where (they are afraid that) their ideas would be otherwise ignored.

      Picture WRM trying to pitch this idea in the faculty lounge at Bard, for example, among professors who are web-savvy enough to check out his blog from time to time.

      Some women complain about having to do this in some professional situations.

      Once you see it happening on both sides of an ideological divide, it starts to make more sense. I think there’s merit to the Federalist’s position that you should just speak your mind, but human nature being what it is, I suspect that this sort of communication and confusion will be with us as long as humanity lasts.

  • Jacksonian_Libertarian

    Modern Civilization was created by Western Judeo-Christian Culture. A quick survey of Islamic Culturally dominated countries shows Muslims living in abject poverty and squalor. With the exception of the few countries where Western Culture has developed basic resources for Modern Civilization’s consumption, like Saudi Arabia’s oil, all Islamic Countries are backward, poor, and barbaric, and even in the oil wealthy Saudi Arabia some poor shmoe was recently executed for the practice of “Witchcraft” (Really? These idiots believe in Magic! In this day and age, it’s still codified in their backward laws. This is “Ignorance of a high order”.). The evidence is clear, the inferior and backward Islamic Culture holds its adherents down to a mean and medieval existence, and if Modern Civilization allows Islamic Cultural contamination to the superior Western Culture, Modern Civilization and all its many benefits will end.

    Coexistence isn’t possible as Modern Civilization requires the “Rule of Law” which secures the Life, Liberty, and Private Property, in order to function. While Islamic Culture requires that all Muslims honor Sharia Law above any nation’s laws, and Sharia Law legalizes the Murder, Rape, Robbery, and Enslavement (Yes, Slavery!) of every Infidel and Apostate, and every “Good” Muslim gets to decide who those people are for himself. This is a recipe for every criminal to commit any crime he wants, and then claim it’s just an “act of faith” and legal. This is exactly the kind of legal code you would expect from a desert bandit like Muhammad, who rose to power by preying on trade caravans and committing all these same crimes.

  • Jmaci

    Our government’s current push to welcome Syrian refugees–while admitting it can’t screen out terrorists — is the same kind of insanity. God forbid we have another ISIS-inspired attack.

    • Nevis07

      … while the left’s solution to not being able to screen the refugees or other regular immigrant flows is to take rights to gun ownership away.

  • Beauceron

    I think jihadists entering the EU mixed in with “refugees” (scare quotes because most are not refugees at all– they’re mostly young men looking to migrate) isn’t the bigger problem. As has been shown repeatedly throughout Europe and North America, many of the terrorist attacks are perpetrated by second or even third generation muslims who turn radical. The larger problem is citizens who are muslim, who were born and raised in a country and have taken advantage of the benefits of a society and culture, deciding that it is time to attack that society.

    • Episteme

      You’re looking at a situation where the number of refugees from directly-hit areas is outnumbered by “prefugees” (to coin a word) leaving destabilized areas in the region from which there in still access out of, given that no one really expects things to get better any time soon. As for the issue of the number of young men, we all agree that there are really no ‘good guys’ in the area (even groups like the Kurds are incredibly insular in accepting outside fighters even from within other Kurdish populations), so the danger of impressment outweighs the sense of “stick around and fight for my not-actually-a-country.”

      The point about the generational issue – raised well by people like Ramesh Ponnuru – is apt. It’s not necessary a ‘Muslim’ thing as much as an assimilation issue, where larger dumps of migrants at once lessens the need to acculturate (even without the issue of actual legal second-class citizenship for certain populations in France and elsewhere versus ‘civic humanist’ nations like the US seeking to assimilate new arrivals into the general population). When you have native-born outsiders, denied access to anything but just ‘benefits’ by either market forces, official discrimination, or cultural pressures from subcultural density, then you get openings for recruitments by outsiders (as we see in the radicalizations of disenchanted British and European Muslims – although the growth of the Sicilian mafia in isolated Italian-American chain-migrant districts actually followed similar patterns a century ago).

      However, there’s that additional pressure, as noted here. In mass movements, you can hide. It only takes a few terrorists to complicate the very real economic/social/cultural issues (short-term funding/infrastructure and long-term assimilation/communities) even further and stresses the distinct arguments of the two sides of the issue even further apart (like with many issues, you have a desire for functionary leadership to coax moral ideology deeply into technocracy, while those pointing structural flaws from the ground wind up going into parallel ideology…AND EVERYONE STARTS LOSING THEIR MIND! [/TDK Joker]). There are real ethical points on both sides and to a degree real logistical points (opponents of accepting migrants are correct on the capacity of nations to do what’s being asked, while the counterargument about the conditions on the ground in the Middle East are also valid, so it’s as much a “how do we figure out how to help solve the ISIS/Syrian Civil War situation in whatever war we feel is applicable” as anything else – noting that the official numbers we see are UNHCR totals so don’t include the substantial numbers of refugees/migrants already accepted by non-signatories like Saudi Arabia or Iran).

      That’s a long-winded way of me saying that I have no idea how to actually solve this without first figuring out how to end the war & destabilization in the region (cue jokes) which is causing the “prefugee” outflow. Until then, you’re going to have forces fighting over large swathes of territory and large groups leaving areas that they fear will either be eventually struck by total warfare (which, remember, has spread to chemical weapons and rape gangs on basically all sides) or else have cashed out from a zone that they think will never recover and that the rest of the world has basically abandoned (including economically).

  • Jim__L

    *** Applause ***

    WRM has rediscovered his best polemic voice. =D


    • Tom

      No, they haven’t forgotten how to have sex.
      They’ve just forgotten that sex has more purposes than pleasure.

      • Ellen

        Right and that is true of the liberal elites in America too (including the gays among them). The main evolutionary purpose for sex (for those who claim to believe in evolution) is to procreate. When people turn the mechanism for procreation through marriage and child-rearing into just another one-night stand, the result is they will be overrun by the hordes, who still believe in the old-time religion.

        Thank you Professor Mead for a great essay. Again, one wishes your colleagues in the faculty lounge would take a few seconds away from staring at their navels and supporting their favorite and increasingly irrelevant “causes” to actually read and absorb your wise words. On the other hand, if they did that, they wouldn’t be professors! What a sad commentary on your profession.

  • jeburke

    Got that right, Professor.

  • MarkE

    Why not gather all of the refugees into big military camps
    and train them to fight to get Iraq and Syria back? Then demand that they
    return to liberate these countries before they can be considered for E.U. citizenship.
    This way the “boots on the ground” would be mostly Muslim, of local origin, and
    not European or American citizens.

    • Larry Larkin

      Because they aren’t interested in going back to countries that are already muslim, they want to turn countries that aren’t into sharia pest holes, because that’s what their religion tells them to do.

  • Fat_Man

    I find the term “meritocratic priesthood” somewhat clumsy. Certainly, they have no real connection to religion.

    I think a far closer analogy is the mandarins of Imperial China. Their claim to power was, like our elite, meritocratic, based on learning certain texts and passing examinations on them. They were also intensely concerned with morality, but indifferent to theology. Indeed, they tended to oppose spirituality and religious movements.

    Their power base was the imperial bureaucracy, but they looked down on the military, This combination of attitudes led to dynasties of Barbarian conquerors. Because the Mandarins controlled the bureaucracy, without which the enormous country could not be ruled, they always wound up bringing the Emperor to heel. But, the price they paid was vulnerability to Barbarian invasion, and to peasant unrest, because they lacked the tools to control force, and because the religious system could not help them control the peasants.

    I think the parallel to our modern American and West European Elite is stunning. Barbarians invade, and the peasants are resentful. The mandarins are unperturbed.

  • adk

    “…an age of demagogues is opening up around us. People need leaders; when the meritocratic priesthood seems incapable of providing leadership, people start looking elsewhere.”

    Strong overreach in either direction (left today) produces populist anger which, in turn, causes the rise of demagogues. Enter The Donald.

  • lukelea

    demagogue, populist, fascist, racist, bigot, xenophobe . . . these are all swear words, not descriptors. We need a positive word to denote a true champion of the people. You can argue that Trump is not that man, fine. But what is it that he is not?

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