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Islamism and Modernity
More Evidence that ISIS Fails the Reality Test
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  • rheddles

    That doesn’t mean we can sit and wait serenely for the forces of history to destroy it; Stalin and Mao between them after all managed to murder something like 100 million people before the forces of history kicked in, and the Soviet Union managed to drag the world to the precipice of nuclear war before it imploded.

    I am not suggesting that Stalin and Mao were ideal leaders, but we did sit and wait for them to collapse at the cost of establishing a Military Industrial Complex. A reasonable tradeoff. I am having trouble seeing how we would have been better off by engaging them more kinetically. Likewise, I would consider the alternative of recognizing the ISIS Caliphate if doing so would end their predations on the West. I am confident they too would implode. Should they continue the predations, I would declare war and remove them from the face of the earth. We are doing neither and it is an idiotic policy. But then Obama is making the policy.

  • solstice

    “ISIS has damaged Islam more than its worst enemies could hope, wrecked the lives of millions, and created a gangster state that mistreats and exploits its residents.” Professor Mead, ISIS has not “damaged Islam”; ISIS has merely put Islam’s principles into practice more than any other group in recent history. Every depraved act that ISIS has committed can find scriptural and doctrinal support in the Qur’an, the Hadith, and the example of Muhammad and his companions. The Islamic world was in a wretched state and millions of lives had been ruined long before ISIS came into existence because of the baneful influence of MAINSTREAM interpretations of Islam.

  • Anthony

    An observation to go along with WRM’s thrust: “our time’s main sociopolitical movements in the Muslim world – the Muslim Brotherhood and the secular-socialist Ba’ath – grew in alliance with or were inspired by Nazi Germany. Their avowed primary reason for being is hate of the westernizing regimes that govern the Muslim world. But Western elites – including our statesmen – seem eager to accept whatever blame for the Muslim world’s troubles Muslim politicians impute to Western civilization. That eagerness is the source of the Muslim world’s increasing disrespect for America and Americans….Hence, we should not even try to imagine what Islamist might cite to excuse anti-American violence. Rather, we can and must guard against what surely destroys respect: As the US government failed to hold local rulers responsible for their subjects’ disrespect of us, that murderous disrespect grew…Our business now is forcefully to restore respect for ourselves by holding those…responsible. The longer we wait, the more force will be needed.”

  • Jim__L

    All that is necessary for the triumph of evil…

    … is for the US to have a president like Obama.

  • Fat_Man

    Failure to you and failure to ISIS are two completely different things. Remember, they think that if they die they are going to heaven and getting 72 virgins or grapes. To ISIS failure would be running their country, having it become prosperous, and finding out that the people no longer cared about martyrdom and heaven.

    Besides, tyrants often care very little for the good of their victims. The people of North Korea eat grass. Does that bother Kim? Does the poverty of ordinary Cubans bother the Castro brothers?

  • Jacksonian_Libertarian

    “The failure of ISIS as a state means more trouble for the rest of us, at least in the short- to medium-term.”

    Modern Civilization and Western Culture are NOT responsible for the backward Islamic Culture, nor are they capable of changing Islamic Culture so that it can coexist with Modern Civilization. Modern Civilization requires the “Rule of Law” to function, Life, Liberty, and Private Property must all be secured or Free Enterprise doesn’t work. Sharia Law, which all Muslims are required to honor above any nation’s laws, legalizes the Murder, Rape, Robbery, and Enslavement (Yes, Slavery!) of all Infidels and Apostates, and every “Good” Muslim gets to decide for himself who those people are. This means Western Culture and its Modern Civilization cannot coexist with the Islamic Culture which directly attacks the “Rule of Law”.
    “The Barbarians are at the Gates” when they get inside, they destroy the City.

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