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The Paris Summit
US Senate Sends the World a Climate Message
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  • Blackbeard

    Whatever Congress does or doesn’t do matters not one wit, unless they can come up with the votes to repeal or amend the Clean Air Act (CAA) and then override Obama’s inevitable veto. Once CO2 was determined, by the Supreme Court, to be a “pollutant” under the CAA the EPA, and to some extent the courts, were firmly in charge. And Obama has no intention of signing any treaties, as he showed with the Iran nuke deal. He will just whatever he want by executive order.

    • Ofer Imanuel

      He does not have the power of the purse, thank God.

      • Jim__L

        If Congress is forced to keep borrowing money to cover Executive-branch expenses, neither does Congress.

        • Blackbeard

          Exactly right. The high school social studies answer is that Congress controls the budget and that this is one of the “checks and balances” that, theoretically limits governmental power. In fact, as Obama has shown, if the president cares nothing for the Constitution, he can more or less spend as he likes and dare Congress to “shut the government down” if they don’t like it.

  • Andrew Allison

    TAI is incredibly confused about climate issues. Given that the US has reduced CO2 emissions to levels last seen in the 1970s and is continuing to do so, it’s lack of participation in a treaty is meaningless.

    • Jim__L

      They’re not just asking us to curb emissions, they’re asking us to fork over money. The fact that we will not do so will give the third world an out — though I’ll grant you they’d probably have found one somewhere else anyway.

  • Zorro

    In a word. Excellent.

  • Mike_Hohmann

    Knowing that there is no escape from THE FOUR
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  • MikeW

    The Climate Fund is an attempt by socialists to transfer money from working people to parasitic government bureaucrats, academic climate studies cronies, and “green” energy crony capitalists. Their policies will have no effect on climate. Rather they will decrease the availability and reliability of electrical power, and increase its cost, which will increase poverty in any nation foolish enough to accept their policies.

  • Rick Johnson

    Well done US Senate. Someone has to save us from the threat of Green scaremongering and denialism.

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