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The Future of the Palestinians
Abbas Gets Something Right
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  • Pete

    “..,until the international community develops a plan that will grant Palestinians passports, full rights of economic and political integration, and a mix of compensation and assistance to begin new lives.”

    Explain yourself Mead. Passports to where???? I hope you don’t mean to the U.S.A.

    And who do you expect to pay compensation to these people … and compensation for what????

    • Fat_Man

      Palestinians have received billions of dollars/euros from Europe, the US, and the UN. Most of it has been spent on weapons and soldiers, much of it has been stolen, and the rest has been squandered. But, they have plenty of money. The reasons for the lack of economic development are the devotion of their time and energy to warfare, education solely in incitement and propaganda, and pure hostility to Israel, which would hire them if they were not human cannonballs. The reasons do not include lack of money.

      • Pete

        You’re right, Fats …. but doesn’t Mead that?

  • Carney3

    It’s the standard behavior of “Palestinian” leaders. Say conciliatory things in Western languages for Western audiences (mainly to keep the aid money flowing), while whipping up the Arabs into murderous frenzy with terror-glamorizing rejectionist propaganda.

    • Fat_Man

      Do not credit Palestinians for what they say in languages other than Arabic, or in places other than the West Bank/ or Gaza.

      • Ellen

        Exactly right. No one in Israel even listens to anything Abbas says anymore except in Arabic on his government-controlled media and to his own population. Everything else is just window-dressing to keep the money flowing so his son Yasser can spend his evenings in entertainment clubs in Dubai, while young men in the West Bank stab Jewish civilians.

  • Jim__L

    So… more resources for refugees, when the system is on overload already from the Syrian issue?

    Are you talking about beefing up UNHCR with a real budget, organizing a coalition of willing nations, or is this just another illusion?

    • azt24

      The Palestinian refugees have their own special UN agency, UNWRA, whose mission is to support them and their descendants in perpetuity.

  • ronetc

    I did not know WRM was much into the unicorn hunting business, but that the “international community” would do anything useful or that the Palestinians would know what to do with (even if they cared about) any such “compensation and assistance” is simply dreaming. But then WRM himself has to admit, “Even then, progress will be slow, as many Palestinians will prefer to remain in the “resistance” rather than accept this kind of solution.” So true, since they are not looking for “this kind” of reasonable solution . . . but rather only a “final solution.”

  • Rick Johnson

    What world are you living in? Abbas leads an anti-semitic terrorist organisation that wants to destroy Israel. He will do and say whatever he thinks is necessary to achieve that objective. What the Palestinians rally need is a change of leadership to leaders who genuinely have their best interests at heart and who are interested in a genuine peaceful co-operation with Israel.

  • iconoclast

    Maybe the Arab countries in which the Arabs from West Bank are refugees should learn from Israel’s approach to the million Jewish refugees ejected from Muslim lands–accept your co-religionists as citizens and move forward. But I suppose that would make too much sense.

  • ronetc

    Here’s a useful corrective to WRM’s unusual bout of wishful

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