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christianity's rise
America’s Forgotten Missionaries
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  • jeburke

    Sorry, you can’t have Christians in US history unless they are racist villains.

  • Anthony

    Two thoughts WRM: 1) Rien n’ est beau le vrai; 2) “History, whether personal or collective, is the best guide to our individual and collective lives. We need always to compute who – or which action – in self or others – deserve praise….” Consequently, your post above speaks for itself.

  • gabrielsyme

    A secular educational system (as almost all public educational systems are) will invariably neglect the important, but awkwardly religious elements of a nation’s history and culture – and thus, in a small way, push countries towards a secular identity. Such systems are both an affront to religious freedom and a path to forgetting essential elements of history and national identity.

    • Jim__L

      Religion isn’t just awkward to them — it’s actively hated.

      Anti-religious bigotry is the order of the day in academia these days. It’s so much worse than the practically non-existent “racism” it’s almost comical.

  • FriendlyGoat

    1) It’s a curious thing (from chart in WSJ piece) that America is shown in 2010 as both the nation sending the most Christian missionaries (127,000)—–AND—–receiving the most Christian missionaries (32,000) from elsewhere to us. Brazil, France, UK and India also seemed to be both sending missionaries out and receiving them in at the same time in large numbers going both ways.

    2) I can’t help but think it’s good for Christianity to have Christian missionaries emanating from other places. As much as we think that we Yankees sort of own the Christian Gospel, we don’t (and shouldn’t).

    3) Perhaps we should contemplate that the more we reduce high-end income and estate taxes, the more we remove “business reasons” for deductible philanthropy of any kind, including that which might go to support missionaries. This includes, of course, the squeeze which high-end tax cuts have put on middle-class jobs and incomes which once were, no doubt, a large source of mission donations.

    4) We could wonder what the SBC International Mission Board means exactly when it speaks of maybe sending missionaries abroad as “corporate employees”.

    5) In other places we have been told that American missionaries have helped cause extremely-discriminatory climates for gay people in Africa and even Russia. That effect certainly wasn’t the best use of missionaries.

  • Jacksonian_Libertarian

    Leftist ideology and indoctrination have driven Christianity from American University Campuses.

  • rheddles

    We’ve a story to tell to the nations,

    • JollyGreenChemist

      That will turn their hearts to the right.
      A story of truth and mercy,
      A story of goodness and light.

      • Jim__L

        I’m not sure whether to quote, “The ports ye shall not enter, the roads ye shall not tread // go make them with your living, and mark them with your dead”, or “Go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you.”

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