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Prison Reform
Study Finds Evidence of Ferguson Effect
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  • CapitalHawk

    Contra the author’s hopes, the Ferguson Effect will not be transitory. Are cell phones with cameras transitory? Is crime transitory?

  • Anthony

    A thought: social construct Race makes people uncomfortable and we look for ways to justify discomfort (Comey, MacDonald, Obama, Ramsey, et al), as well as our contempt, etc. Framing “Ferguson Effect” represents another dodge just like citing statistics supporting supporting a disposition on crime one way or another. Permit a caveat: this brief response is not about crime per se but about juxtaposing – Ferguson Effect and Police Responsibility. In other words, what is being implicated here without direct attribution is so-called working-class (perhaps middle) police officers, operating in the name of the state, policing black Americans – in particular, a class control function.

    Now, the function is being revealed in its nakedness as a result of mobile telephony and that has created our euphemistic “Ferguson Effect”. As I have said above, my comment is not about crime per se (which has not only many causes but also many variants) neither is it about mitigating the dangers and social miseries confronted by our police. Necessarily, Ferguson Effect compels me to address the collective blindness being roused/removed by cellphones. On top of that, how do we honestly respond to issue acquires societal import with all eyes watching – we’re forced to have a conversation heretofore exclusive of the so-called perp (arrested class presumed conveniently crime inclined). I interpret a societal effect rather than…

    • lurkingwithintent

      “In other words, what is being implicated here without direct attribution is so-called working-class (perhaps middle) police officers, operating in the name of the state, policing black Americans – in particular, a class control function.” This is not stated in the article and has assumptions that may or may not be true. I do not know the statistics on the participants, but know from some black police officers that it is somewhat true for them as well. I will concede that it is a small sampling, but still worth considering.

      • Anthony

        I see no trouble with your reading nor with your black officer anecdotes – whether you see class-control function (or my citing such) is matter of interest (and designation) perhaps.

        • lurkingwithintent

          Must ponder a reply, but it is worth consideration.

          • Anthony


    • CapitalHawk

      Race is not a social construct.

      • Anthony

        Well, you’re wrong but believe what you must.

        • Fred

          Baldly asserted with absolutely nothing backing it up. Typical Anthony.

          Nonsensical, irrelevant response to someone he claims never to respond to, illustrating a) inability to construct an argument and b) pathological need to have the last word in 3 . . . 2 . . . 1 . . .

          • Anthony

            Unlike Dan Greene, I don’t do tutorials. If you want backing up @ this late date as Dan once told you: do your on research. Additionally (for what ever it’s worth), what is this 5 years and counting – must be some type of internet (virtual) “badgering” (harassment) record. More to the point, TAI has topics and open comment sections (awaiting your input) throughout its web offering and respondents more inclined to your persistence; as you know, I am not. So….

            Also, see reply 10-23-15 as intended postscript to 10-23-15.

  • iconoclast

    Officer after officer has been hounded out of departments by the howler monkeys on the left. Smart officers will realize that doing their job will get their lives ruined if they interact at all with blacks. So smart officers will let blacks kill and murder each other as well as any whites that cross their paths. Actions have consequences. Districts with large black population should be considered no-go zones for everyone. Even if you are armed the likelihood of the racist lynch mob coming after you is very high should you survive your encounter.

  • mdmusterstone

    Let’s take a different look at this, as in the “players”
    and the “game” involved.

    The police focus on what the legislature directs them to address
    on the street. How they address the
    “street” is decided by training.
    Their protection is to remain within the bounds of what training tells
    them is acceptable. When a police officer
    decides a person is under arrest they are authorized by the legislature to use
    any force necessary, up to and including deadly force.

    Very generally there are two kinds of street police work
    i.e. preventative and reaction. Per man
    hour, preventative is overwhelmingly more effective. Preventative action is discretionary to a
    very large degree and of course it is affected by the “atmosphere” on
    policing at any given time. All action,
    of course, must be within the bounds of training.

    Some examples: no police training authorizes shooting a
    fleeing unarmed man in the back. More,
    the guy in New York selling
    “singles” cigarettes was confronted by the police because the
    legislature imposed a tax on cigarettes and was in turn pressured by stores
    selling same to stop single sales as loss of revenue. Enter the police. During the arrest where the training was
    followed he died but without criminal culpability.

    There is the black community (BC) with high rates of
    crime. In any community meeting between
    the people of the neighborhood and police there is a very vociferous cry to stop
    open drug dealing on the street, control gangs, etc.

    Police and the BC; natural allies with same goals,
    right? Yes, as far as the
    “what” but not the “how”.
    The BC does not want, understandably, the inconvenience of aggressive
    police action that is needed to “clean up the streets for decent people.” So there is push back.

    Many years ago I read a non-fiction book on police work in,
    I believe, Baltimore and I believe
    a TV series was based on same. In any
    case it related two groups on the same socio economic level, one white,
    hillbillies (or Hill Williams to be more politically correct) and the BC. The latter it was related over and over
    would not cooperate with police investigations while the former “couldn’t
    be shut up”. Guess which community
    had the highest number of crimes cleared by arrest?

    In so far and for whatever reason the BC holds the incompatible
    goals of lower crime rate along with low police presence and non-cooperation there
    will be no solution.

  • gabrielsyme

    As usual, the actions of the left hurt the poor and disadvantaged most. Good intentions only count for so much – sometimes, you need just a little intelligence and reason, not merely emotion.

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