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Race and Class in America
After the Wire
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  • jeburke

    Mead’s “Last Compromise” is an excellent recap and analysis of how we got where we are in American race relations. It is certainly true that the decline of semi-skilled manufacturing jobs and peaking of some categories of govt employment, along with budget squeezes faced by municipalities that have lost whole industries and tax bases, have hit Black Americans particularly hard. And mass immigration of Hispanics and Asians coincidentally since the 1960s has hit them hard as well, a factor rarely recognized in discussion of these issues. But 40 years on from the civil rights era, “inner city” lower-income Blacks are also locked into a vicious cycle of poverty, dependency, crime, drug addiction, etc. by virtue of culture. Understandably not wishing to blame the victim, leaders black and white want to avoid this topic like the plague. Alas, failing to address this aspect of the problem will contribute to dooming another generation or two of black children to the same dead end.

  • Thanks for posting this!

  • fastrackn1

    Some groups of people will never change, no matter how much the intellectuals ramble on ad nauseam about the ‘culture’ and how it is the problem and how can be changed.
    Not even in the next 1000 generations….

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