Hey Iran Look At This
Pentagon Readies the MOP

The Obama administration will apparently not be relying solely on carrots to get Iran to sign on the dotted line come June. It is also pointedly caressing a brand new stick as well:

Details about the weapons work came from senior U.S. officials who were briefed on testing of the weapon but who weren’t involved the Obama administration’s Iran diplomacy.

The Pentagon declined to comment on any improvements to the so-called Massive Ordnance Penetrator, or MOP. […]

The Pentagon designed the bunker buster with heavily fortified sites—including Iran’s Fordow installation—in mind. Fordow is built into a mountain to protect the facility from U.S. or Israeli airstrikes.

To destroy or disable the underground facilities, the Pentagon envisages guiding two or more of the bunker busters to the same impact point, in sequence, extending the weapon’s burrowing power, the officials said.

To make that level of precision possible, upgraded electronic countermeasures have been added to the weapon to prevent jamming of its guidance systems by the Iranians, according to the senior U.S. officials. Electronic jammers could be used to throw an incoming bomb off target.

That these details were leaked just as the preliminary agreement was announced makes this about as clear an example of diplomatic signaling as you’re likely to see. And we might be seeing a good deal more of this kind of stuff in the near future, given both the ambiguities in the framework agreement and the complicated politics playing out in both Washington and Tehran in the run-up to June 30.

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