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The Academic Coin Toss
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  • wigwag

    Let’s not forget that all of this waste is subsidized by the federal government. Federally guaranteed student loans enable students to waste their money on this type of education, indirect cost payments to universities on federal grants (mostly in the sciences) provide enormous cash flow to America’s colleges and universities and funding from a variety of federal agencies allows untold amounts of junk research to be conducted.

    The American higher education enterprise has become one enormous boondoggle. The place to start correcting this mess is to dramatically reduce the federal subsidies which would leave most universities and colleges (except, perhaps, those with enormous endowments) no choice but to operate dramatically more efficiently than they do now.

  • FriendlyGoat

    We R having trouble getting our third-graders 2 read well. Can our universities help——please?

  • Jagneel

    Here are is the rule for whether to go for a ph.d. in any subject.
    1. If you some offered you a million dollars to NOT go to grad school, would you take it? Yes. Then you are not suited to academic life. Unless you are so passionate about the subject that all you want to do is learn more of it, grad school MIGHT be for you.
    2. Did you get accepted in top 10-15 grad program? No. Forget about it. You are no good.
    3. If you did get accepted to a top school, did you have 100% tuition waved and did you get living stipend (say 15K/year) ? No. Then you are not good enough.
    4. IF you are filthy rich or married to a filthy rich, do go to grad school. You won’t succeed anyway but at least you’ll be supporting a grad program with your tuition.

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