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God Wars
Asian Buddhists Get Militant
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  • vrichards

    Dude, Buddhists have absolutely no reason to feel threatened. Your post only indicates your level of ignorance about matters in the indian subcontinent as well as in indichina.

    India recently re opened the nalanda university, an ancient buddhist university destroyed by islamic savages several centuries. There are plans to develop Gaya and some surrounding cities as a buddhist pilgrimage, including infrastructure improvements.

    You need to remember buddhism is native to india. They share hindu concepts such as karma and reincarnation.

    India has millions of buddhists in ladakh, sikkim, tawang, spiti valley etc. who are happy to live among hindus without any fear.

    Are you trying to set the stage for people to get to hate indians because they wont agree with your world view? The more I read the blogs, the more I believe I shouldnt subscribe to the magazine.

    • vrichards

      In the previous post, in the first sentence, I meant to say buddhists have no reason to feel threatened by hindu india. Of course, the have every reason to feel threatened by islam and communist china.

    • Tom

      With all due respect, you are assuming that just because someone has no reason to believe something that they do not believe it. This is, in fact, patently false.

    • Lyle7

      Indian Hindu nationalists don’t ever threaten non-Hindus? You’re not paying close enough attention to what is going on in the world, if your answer is no.

      • vrichards

        Indian Hindu nationalists dont ever threaten non hindus. This is a fact. Unless you happen to be a missionary or a jehadi sympathizer. I can give good examples.

        Jains are non hindus who are thriving in india. They are a wealthy community who contribute a lot to society. Amit Shah, the architect of modi’s victory last year is a follower of the jain religion.

        Sikhs are recognized for their friendliness, bravery and patriotism all over india. They do not consider themselves hindus.

        India is one of the few countries where the ancient religion of zoraistrainism from persia is still alive. They dont feel threatened by hindu india. In fact they are fiercely patriotic.

        India has provided refuge to tibetan buddhists so they can keep alive their religious and cultural traditions, under attack from the chinese communists. The author of the indian constitution, dr. Ambedkar was a converted buddhist. Buddhists make a sizable proportion of several states in india. They dont feel threatened.

        If need be, indians will gladly provide refuge to the yezidis so they can preserve their culture and faith. There has been talk of such support for yezidis in india after the news of the yezidi genocide spread to india.

        India is the only surviving pre christian and pre islamic indo european civilization. And I hope it stays that way, even if it means pissing off christian missionary/jehadi sympathesizers like you seem to be.

        Like I said before, I fully support the efforts of hindu organizations to re convert christians/muslims to indic faiths. This needs to be done because abrahamic faiths are inherently intolerant. The parasitic abrahamic faiths should not have a place in india. The japanese were smart to have kept them out of japan for long. They are better off due without the hate in christianity.

        If you cannot imagine an India that has no christians/muslims like in the past, then you truely are bigotted.

        • Lyle7

          Haha… “parasitic abrahamic faiths”. You’re a piece of work man.

          • vrichards

            Yes. “Parasitic abrahamic faiths” is the right term. Even America will be better off without christianity and islam.

          • Lyle7

            I won’t ever be converting to Hindu man.

          • vrichards

            Dude, Hindus never try to obtain converts. Thats what makes them different. And more tolerant.

          • Lyle7

            Whoo! Thank all the gods.

          • vrichards

            You believe in Gods? Hindu gods are not all powerful like the one true christian God. They are also subject to the law of karma. They do not have the power to change anybody’s karma or destiny. You should thank yourself.

        • CptNerd

          “If you cannot imagine an India that has no christians/muslims like in the past, then you truely are bigotted.”
          Behold the “tolerance”!

          • vrichards

            You mean “behold the tolerance of the intolerant!!!”

          • CptNerd

            Removing people from your society that don’t hold to your set of “approved” beliefs is not “tolerance.”

          • vrichards

            Nobody is removing any people from “our” society. These people were indians before they were converted into intolerant abrahamic faiths that are into world domination. The people in india are only trying to get these people back into the mainstream of the indian society.

            You followers of the abrahamic faiths are a disgrace to humanity. The islamic state is a good example of the morals and character your faiths inspire. Medieval europe with their crusades and ethnic cleansing was not any better than the islamic state today. Only because of the renaissance and the separation of church and the state could europe progress.

            Your ilk need to be removed not just from india, but from this planet. You should be be ashamed.

          • Guest

            In a word, “Nuts.”

          • CptNerd

            By the by, you left out one very important “abrahamic faith” you know, the one that started with Abraham. I’ll give you three guesses and the first two don’t count…

          • vrichards

            I know I left out judaism. But jews have suffered too much. Cant speak out against them, you see. Jews do believe their path is the only path to God (which I do not agree with), but they do not actively seek converts. They are not into world domination. There is a small community of jews in india. India is one of the few places jews were never persecuted.

            I would have nothing against christians/muslims if they were not into ethnic cleansing and destruction of cultural diversity within our planet. But followers of these abrahamic faiths do not peacefully coexist with most other faiths and are a true nuisance to people who want to be left alone.

          • CptNerd

            And of course, to bigots like you, all Christians and all Muslims are the same, and can be safely persecuted “in revenge”…

          • vrichards

            I am glad to be referred to as a bigot by globally recognized bigots within the religion of love (christianity) and the religion of peace ( islam). It indicates I spoke the truth and sent my message across. This is an honour. Thank you.

          • CptNerd

            So, one question: what would you do to the Indians who refuse to “revert” from Christianity or Islam?

  • Pete

    Overall, this is a healthy development.

    And you ain’t seen nothing yet. Wait until Europeans finally wake up to the cancer of Islam in their mist.

  • Sid Collins

    If they complete Ranger School do they get the title of Buddhist Power Rangers?

  • Harry_Hogfart

    They are out to kill any one who tells the truth about how 1 in 7 boys in Tibet are molested by a Buddhist priest

    incidentally 1 in 7 boys in Tibet are sent to a Buddhist monastery orphanage/boys home for free room and board and schooling

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