Shale Is Hale
Fracking Innovation Defying Oil Price Dangers
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  • Josephbleau

    Look upon this article, all ye socialist and gangsterist nations, and dispair. For you have no natural advantage that will not be conquered by the free inquiring spirits of the United States of America. Your only hope is to do military conquest and use your network of useful idiots to suborn the class of good people, (Industrial producers, not entertainment/politics types).

    • John Tyler

      Don’t get too sarcastic; many of these socialists and gangsters – all of whom are VERY wealthy elitists – reside right here in the USA. They work tirelessly to shut down or obstruct the extraction , refining and use of oil and gas. Just you watch; they have successfully stopped the development of important new pipelines and their next target will be stopping the rail transport of oil.
      A new refinery has not been built in the USA for years because these elitist , millionaire socialists have used bogus environmental rules to prevent their construction. That is why the only way to expand refining capacity is by modifying existing refineries.
      The left NEVER gives up.

  • FriendlyGoat

    If shale break-even is $57 and world price is $80, we’re still paying too much, right?

    • Government Drone

      An economist would say “no”; the breakeven is simply what a producer would need in order to continue operating. If someone offers him more, then he can take it if he wants. If you think you can buy closer to $57 than $80, put your bids in on the commodity exchanges, & good luck to you!

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