ACA Fail Fractal
Democrats Losing Public Trust on Health Care
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  • ShadrachSmith

    Consider the effect of two current Democrat policies.

    The Open borders is the fastest way to a majority minority electorate policies.
    And the anti-colonial ethic, how dare Americans try to protect their children from the diseases Liberian or Guatamalan children get.

    Those two Democrat policies are causing women to reasonably fear for their children’s health. That will hurt you with the women’s vote.

  • Josephbleau

    I still hope that some day I will become rich enough to be able to be a democrat. In the world of Gates, Kerry, Clinton, and The Kennedy’s they can not tax you enough to matter. A democrat is one who has nothing or everything. a republican is the one who has enough , ( to be useful for others.)

  • FriendlyGoat

    Well, folks can turn away from Democratic leadership on health care, but they have nothing to turn TO. Most people do not understand that the only things ever proposed by Republicans for health care are UNSPECIFIED “tort reform” and “selling UNSPECIFIED insurance policies across state lines”.

    Curiously, people seem to think that the insurers in their home state are bad and that some other better insurers are standing in line a couple of states away to sell them something that is both “good” and “cheap”. There could hardly be a greater naivety.

    All the Republicans intend to do is scrap the people’s federal standards for health policies and then also scrap the people’s state standards for health policies in 49 states too—-causing the “market” to move all the insurers to Post Office Boxes in whatever is the least-regulated Republican backwater in America. Then, the employers back away, as they are dying to do——and you, dear sheep, can just buy yourselves some insurance cooked up in Mississippi (or somewhere.)

    • Thirdsyphon

      Exactly. The GOP has yet to come up with an alternative to the ACA that won’t trigger the electorate’s gag reflex. Nobody wants to go back to the status quo ante, and that’s the *best* that the Republicans are willing to offer.

      • SClanding


        Every survey showed that 87% of Americans were completely satisfied with their healthcare before the Obamacare clusterfreak.

        It is entirely evident now that the Democrats invented the fictional 44 million supposedly uninsured Americans who were clamoring for their EBT insurance.

        You never hear anything about that number now…..instead people are suppose to be thrilled that the Democrats were able to raid the National Treasury for 2 to 4 trillion dollars for a couple of million people who would already been covered under Medicaid.

        Stop listening to KNOWN LIARS and their fake crisis.

    • SClanding

      Stop listening to KNOWN LAIRS whom would tell you such silly things.

      Haven’t you learn a thing? Progressives are LIARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • FriendlyGoat

        No one is telling me this. I’m telling you—and them. When insurance can be sold under 50 sets of regulations, the ones with the least regulations will be the cheapest. The other insurers will go there to offer the same terms. Citizens of 49 states will be the chumps.

    • Thom Burnett

      The GOP hasn’t coalesced on any alternative but has floated a large number of them. To name just a few:

      Allowing catastrophic health insurance (currently illegal)
      Moving health insurance from a job perk to a personal propertie
      Reducing regulation/development of new drugs
      Increasing number of medical schools (currently limited by AMA lobby)
      And there was Bush’s prescription program – still in effect.

      None of these has gone very far.
      It’s my opinion that what the public wants is free health care (not health insurance) and that’s very, very expensive.

      Sometimes the proper policy is to do nothing in the face of lots of demands – because your choices all make the problem worse. (Eisenhower was good ignoring such demands. Voters are less patient now. )

      • M. Report

        Bingo! In this instance and in general, there are solutions, but they have been branded criminal.

      • FriendlyGoat

        A bronze plan basically IS “catastrophic insurance”.

    • Boritz

      “…selling UNSPECIFIED insurance policies across state lines. Curiously, people seem to think that the insurers in their home state
      are bad and that some other better insurers are standing in line a
      couple of states away to sell them something that is both “good” and

      It took me a second to realize that you are talking about the Republican goal of introducing competition. It’s not that any state’s insurance offerings are currently better than any others’. It’s that once the insurers in a state have to complete with 49 other states it changes the game slightly, even for an individual insurance company that does business in multiple states.

      “There could hardly be a greater naivety.”
      No, I think it was just a misunderstanding.

      • FriendlyGoat

        Yes, you are misunderstanding it. The goal is (in one famous Republican example, The 2017 Project Alternative) is for New Jersey residents to be offered insurance written under Texas standards, etc. It is NOT for all carriers to be competing coast to coast on uniform standards.

  • bittman

    The Democrats voted to pass Obamacare even though the average of the polls taken in the fall of 2009 indicated that 87% of Americans were satisfied with their healthcare plans. They lied about the number of poor uninsured Americans. They lied about the true cost of Obamacare. They lied about the government NOT coming between patients and doctors. They lied about the IPAB not being a Death Panel like Britain’s NICE board. They lied about Americans being able to keep our healthcare plans, our doctors, and our costs going down $2,500. Now they are lying when they tell Americans it is working and costs are either going down or not going up as much as they would have without Obamacare. UNFORTUNATELY, it will be impossible for Americans to know Obamacare’s true effect on on our healthcare plans until after the THREE YEARS OF BAILOUTS TO THE INSURANCE COMPANIES (and all of the other 40+ unilateral changes and delays made by Obama and his Administration) END. Obamacare was a power grab by the Democrat Socialists who have taken over the Democratic Party.

  • SClanding

    What ever happened to the supposedly uninsured Americans who were clamoring for Obama’s EBT insurance?

    We don’t hear much from those fictional people any longer…….

    Who knew that dishonesty and incompetence would not be poll winners?

  • mhjhnsn

    The amazing and maybe scary thing is that ANYBODY will vote for ANY Democrat for national office.
    OK, I get that blacks will support Obama out of feelings of racial solidarity, even though his actual actions have screwed them–that’s what happens when you let yourself get taken for granted. And young people are just young, inexperienced, and na├»ve. The Republicans have some serious branding problems and I get how they can be pretty unattractive to many people. But to actually vote FOR anyone who will support Obama, Reid and Pelosi–the mind just boggles at how much trouble this country is in.

  • John Galt

    it isn’t just how destructive ObamaCare is…

    it’s the way the Democrats shoved it down people’s throats while smearing people opposed to the garbage as racist for being opposed to it.

    They deserve everything coming their way.

  • teapartydoc

    The real answer to health care is to break up the monopoly. End physician licensing.

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