Modi Rising
Modi Wave Continues to Surge
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  • gabrielsyme

    India’s intellectual and bureaucratic establishments are profoundly
    shaped by the years of Congress domination—in some of the same ways
    (only more so) that U.S. universities and federal bureaucracies tend to
    be dominated by Democrats.

    It’s a logical puzzle- how can you be stronger than the stongest? More than the most?

  • This weblog is just bizarre when discussing Modi and cheerleads him a bit much, perhaps because of his lip service to markets. I admit that the mainstream press disclaimers on this sort of story with “to be sure, Modi is a genocidaire” are tiresome, but — Modi is a genocidaire. It seems worth noting, especially since other folks Modi has chosen to elevate with that wave still talk the ethnic cleansing talk and other nonsense, and it is telling that somehow those stories avoid notice here. I’m not thrilled by the tired feckless dynast Congress chose to oppose him, and the Aam Aadmi guys never seemed able to get their act together. Maybe Modi will be a good thing; foul tools have been turned to good purpose. But gushing over him and his victory is not a mark of anything good, and coverage here reads like a whitewash.

    • Jaldhar H. Vyas

      Fanatic politicians are two a penny in India including “genocidaires” (Such as the feckless dynasts father and grandmother speaking of whitewashing.) If Modi is popular among all sectors of society it is not because of the boilerplate rhetoric but because he has gotten things done — he is already a good thing — whereas all people like you have to offer is rhetoric. Indias Muslims themselves have put the past behind them in the hope of a better future. Why can’t you?

      • BS, and Modi’s popularity among Muslims shows it. “Put the past behind them” is not something we typically say of genocidaires and, again, this is not the past but the present: the BJP has continued to keep company with, and to elevate, repulsively foul people who prey on ethnic divisions.

        To compare what Modi has done and advocated with what the Gandhis did — I presume you’re speaking of Amritsar — is silly.

  • Kevin

    Maybe the principal opposition party would do better if they weren’t so transparently a dynastic vehicle.

    In any case they are almost certainly due for some time in the wilderness to come up with new policies and new leaders while BJP accumulates the baggage from the inevitable disappointments in government.

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