Kansas' Red Dawn
Brownback Revolution Hobbles Downticket Candidates
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  • Andrew Allison

    Not to defend the apparent extremism on the part of the Brownback administration, which it appears is going to be taken care of by the voters, but I’m getting a little tired of the voter ID nonsense. It is trivially easy for a citizen to obtain an ID, and if they can’t manage that, perhaps they shouldn’t be voting anyway. Furthermore, what exactly does the Government Accountability Office’s 1.9% represent — the 1.9% of voters who were not entitled to vote and didn’t because of voter ID?

    • Jagneel

      “It is trivially easy for a citizen to obtain an ID..”

      Not true. Besides ID laws intended to make voting hard for poorer older citizens. Some states where they won’t accept student ID (they vote wrong way, you know) or driver license.
      Voter ID laws are a solution to problem that doesn’t exist.
      Or rather they are solution to the problem that the proponents never state: Too many of ‘those kind of folks’ are voting the wrong way.

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