The Enemy of Our Enemy
Al Qaeda-ISIS Feud Put On Partial Hold By US Airstrikes
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  • MartyH

    I’ve said before that this Presidency is driven by optics, not results. Consequently, we have a lot of “Potemkin accomplishments” that sound like they are are solutions but often, in reality, make the problem worse. As cited above, we are striking ISIS about as softly as we can. The military results are minimal, while the political effects appear to be negative. We deposed Gaddaffi and left half of Libya in radicals’ hands.We deposed Mubarak and left Egypt a complete basket case. We drew a red line in Syria but Assad still apparently has chemical weapons and got ISIS as an added bonus. We have sanctioned Russia but Putin seems intent on controlling the territory controlled by the USSR. The President assures us that the odds of Ebola outbreak are extremely low; a few weeks later two healthcare workers are infected with the deadly disease, and one is told by the CDC that it is okay to travel when she has a fever. We continue to “negotiate” fruitlessly with Iran. We withdrew from Iraq, surrendering control of it to Iran, ISIS, and whatever the Kurds can hang onto. Anything more than the most superficial details of the ACA implementation are not available.

    Consequently, many of the decisions made in the past-driven by how they’d look, not how they would turn out-are coming back to haunt us.

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