out of the mountains
ISIS Threat Heightens Lebanon’s Sectarian Conflicts
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  • Andrew Allison

    “The mountains along the border rise up to 8,500 feet and are capped in snow during the winter, making for a bleak environment for the militants who live there in caves and abandoned farmhouses.”, i.e., few if any civilians. Good target for cluster or neutron bombs?

    • Tom

      Cluster, not neutron. No one wants to throw nuclear weaponry into the current mix–might as well pour kerosene into ANFO.

      • Andrew Allison

        The argument against cluster is the unexploded ordinance which, like land mines, hangs around long after the strike (the reason that 114 countries, but not the U.S.A., have banned their use, production, stockpiling or transfer). A neutron bomb leaves nothing except bodies, and you can’t hide from it. I acknowledge that this is an extreme measure, but we are, after all, dealing with extremists who actually want to die (taking as many non-believers, including their Shiite co-religionists, as possible with them).

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