A LyftPlease?
California vs. the Ride-Shares
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  • Bob

    “That service violates a section of the public-utilities code which prohibits transportation providers charging multiple people for the same ride.”

    “Every manner of legislative roadblock has been thrown at these scrappy companies by authorities…”

    This being California, eventually someone will introduce a ballot measure to overturn “every manner of legislative roadblock.” Until then, the regulators are probably well within the scope of their responsibilities.

    But, this being California, the ballot measure will pass and the state Supreme Court, or perhaps a Federal District Court, will find something constitutionally defective about letting free enterprise flourish.

    • Bob

      …or more appropriately, allowing the people to overturn legislative roadblocks passed in the Best Interests of the People.

      Fixed it

  • S.C. Schwarz

    One of the great strengths of the US has always been the flexibility and adaptability of our labor markets. To state the obvious, we are going through revolutionary times as whole industries are destroyed and rebuilt by digital technology. Of course it is painful but no more painful than when we transitioned from a primarily farming economy to one based on manufacturing. Those countries that manage the transition successfully will thrive and those that don’t… Well, Spain was once a great world power.

    Uber and Lyft and Sidecar are, of course, small potatoes, and yet the way we, as a society, react to them is deeply symbolic.

    How many people here think that the blue model is up to these changes?

  • ljgude

    Viewing the Uber disruption from here in Western Australia it seems to me that it is not the taxi business that is being disrupted, but the taxi dispatch business. Until Google introduces self driving cars the cars used are the same as those used as taxis. I think that having standards for drivers makes for safety and responsibility reasons makes sense as well as regulating the maximum age of the car.

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