Syrian Airstrikes
Missile Struck "Khurasan Group" as It Plotted Attack
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  • Jacksonian_Libertarian

    This is such BS, none of these groups have the resources to even fight in Syria without stealing from the western supplied so called moderates. ISIS and it’s affiliates aren’t the threat they are being made out to be, it is being blown way out of proportion by the press and politicians. ISIS captured weapons and equipment in Iraq, but modern warfare uses up material at an awesome rate, where is ISIS going to get resupplied? Enemies sit on all of ISIS’s supply lines, so even if it can pay for awhile with captured loot it will have to pay smugglers prices for everything including basic needs. I expect internal squabbling, theft, and desertion to crack ISIS like an egg in the near future.

    • Bruce

      It is interesting how the politicians have gotten worked up in a big hurry. You can understand why some people think that politicians create war hysteria to serve their own needs. It’s getting harder and harder not to agree with these people. This blog appears to have become hawkish as well. Will politicians lie to take us to war? The sociopathic pols will and there are probably more of them than we know.

      • Duperray

        True !

  • Anthony
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