Green Blunders Showcased by People’s Climate March
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  • LarryD

    The Keystone pipeline would help the USA economically, especially “fly over America”. This pretty well tells us what the greens agenda is really about.

  • Bruce

    Are the greens demonstrating in filth plagued China demanding that the Communists reduce emissions?

    • Tom

      Nope. Because despite their rhetoric, they don’t really want to live in China.

      • Bruce

        And the Chinese would throw them in jail, or worse, for demonstrating.

    • davidhouston

      It’s tricky with the Chinese because the Greens view their single party totalitarian government as the only viable political system that will allow them to impose their agenda on the US and still reward their cronies.

  • Duperray

    Who still believe than “greens” are sincerely desiring to save the planet ? They are all ex-red trouble makers which end target is to destroy or impede present liberal industry and political systems. Their totalitarian thinking (ref to recent Kennedy stance “forbid..”) fabric is even not hidden. Thanks to questionable foreign funding powers, most of NGO with sweet names are indeed agents of non-governmental foreign powers influencing (a non legal process) almost all free country governments (ref Israël, India stances).

  • Joseph Hall

    The age of fossil fuels is over. The age for renewables is here. You need to get over it…..

    • VitaminP

      Translation: Start goose-stepping toward utopia, comrades.

  • davidhouston

    The American Green Movement’s primary concern is fund raising. It’s what pays their bloated salaries. Everything else is secondary.

  • VitaminP

    “Growing concern about climate change?” According to Pew Research, for the past 10 years, the importance Americans give to climate change has been slowly but steadily declining.

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