China's Climate Conundrums
The Chinese Elephant in the Climate Treaty Room
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  • Fat_Man

    People who buy the Chinese blather about carbon and renewable energy are at best pathetically naive. By their actions, China has decided that carbon is something that rich laowai like to worry about, and they will humor the loawai in their PR, but seriously, they just don’t care. As for the wind turbines and solar panels, China is happy to sell just as many of them as the market will bear, but if they need electricity, they will build something that works, like a coal fired plant.

  • Jacksonian_Libertarian

    There is no “Global Warming”, all of the predictions and computer models of the so called green house gas carbon dioxide causing an increase in temperature have proven false, as temperatures have not increased in 18 years. And who cares what China does anyway, that economy and culture is headed for the wall at high speed.

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