Medical Malpractice
"Drive-By Doctoring" Saddles Patients with Unexpected Costs
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  • Pete

    Doctors that do what is described in this article commit fraud. They belong in prison.

  • Andrew Allison

    “Drive-By Doctoring seems like a bit of a misnomer. The abuses appear to be occurring in hospitals, and one with the other billing abuses which are endemic thein (

  • Fat_Man

    I read the article in question. Clearly, not all of the facts were laid out.

    If the existence of the number 2 surgeon were totally unknown to the patient before hand, I am not sure why the patient would owe him anything. The patient hired the number 1 surgeon, and is therefor contractually liable to pay him a fee. But the number 2 surgeon (if unknown) should look to the person who asked him to join the operation.

    I can think of some law that might entitle number 2 to receive a “reasonable” fee. In that case he might be entitled to the amount that the insurance company finds is reasonable and proper under its in network standards.

    In either event, I would have told the lawyer who asked for the check to sue me if he wanted it. If he did sue, I would raise the lack of a contract as a defense.

    I would also think that the insurance company might be liable to the patient for failure to protect him from a shameless rip-off.

    It would be also interesting to find out if these doctors traded favors on this kind of swindle on a regular basis. Monday you will assist me at my hospital. Tuesday, I will assist you at your hospital, Wednesday, we will play golf.

    As a structural matter, I think that modern hospitals should not be able to get away with the independent contractor song and dance. The hospital should bill the patient once for the whole operation and recovery time and should be responsible for paying the doctors, nurses, orderlies, and janitors.

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