Protests With Meaning
In Moscow, a Show of Real Courage and Clarity
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  • rheddles

    Russia’s liberals have been taking risks since the days of the Okhrana. Without effect. Putin is the protector of traditionalism. He is autocrat of all Russia. If Russia has not been able to make an iota of progress in a century and a half of turmoil and effort, how long will it take us to realize the same of Dar al Islam?

    • Russian liberals, among other things, designed and implemented the great legal reform of 1864, which gave Russia trial by jury and the adversarial system. It is estimated that from the 1860s until 1917, about 75% of all criminal cases were tried by juries. In contrast, modern Russia only allows jury trials only for the most serious charges while some EU countries either have no jury trials at all (Germany) or have pseudo-juries with a mixed inquisitorial-adversarial process (Italy).

      The Okhranka never cared much about liberals because its target were revolutionaries, especially their terrorist factions.

  • Jacksonian_Libertarian

    Putin wouldn’t be engaged in expanding Russia’s borders if the weakest President in US history Obama wasn’t in office.

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