The Afterparty Rages On
Egypt, UAE Join Libyan Afterparty
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  • Arkeygeezer

    Its good to see these countries trying to clean up their own neighborhood. They are putting all the military equipment we gave them to good use on their own initiative. The U.S. should stay out of it and let the Arab countries set up their own political systems to achieve peace in the middle east.

    Preserving the status quo will only increase the conflict.

  • ShadrachSmith

    A libertarian shot at world peace?
    Elect a pro energy government
    Become energy independent
    Let the world sort out its own problems for a generation or two
    Wait for the invitations to moderate disputes.

    Except for the energy development part, Obama isn’t doing that bad by the isolationist theories. He can’t just walk away from America’s commitments, but he certainly can bungle and dilettante a fair way toward making them meaningless. For this theory, Rand Paul is the ideal candidate.

    • FriendlyGoat

      Yep, Rand is the guy. Not for any of your theory—-but so we elect a Democrat again.

  • gabrielsyme

    Divided along geographic and sectarian lines, the country looks increasingly like a failed state.

    Of course, Libya’s internal divisions are nothing close to those of Syria, yet TAI continues to imagine that a similar support for Syrian rebels was the right course of action. This despite the fact that the circumstances in Syria were the very worst for a successful support of the supposedly moderate rebels.

    The tacit and limited support given to Syria’s rebels was quite bad enough, given the hundreds of thousands dead, and millions of refugees created by the rebellion. Instead, the US should have used its diplomatic influence and financial tools to halt monetary and logistical support flowing to the largely Islamist rebels from Turkey, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Qatar, among other sources.

  • Duperray

    What are West countries doing? Keeping cool, no hard stance.. Exactly what is needed to reinforce Islamic determination..

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