The Gaza War
Hamas Coup Plot Revealed as Rockets Fly in Gaza
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  • Fat_Man

    “Report: Qatar threatened to expel Mashaal if Hamas okayed Egypt-proposed truce” By JPOST.COM STAFF 08/20/2014

    “A senior Fatah official is quoted by the pan-Arab daily Al-Hayat as saying that the Qatari government threatened to expel the Hamas political bureau chief, Khaled Mashaal, if the Palestinian Islamist group agreed to the Egyptian cease-fire proposal.”

  • Pete

    Imagine how dire the situation would be if Obama prevailed and kept the Muslim Brotherhood in power in Egypt.

    • Brad_Brzezinski

      I don’t think “Barack O’Brotherhood” has given up entirely on that goal.

  • ljgude

    It is important to not lose sight of the fact that Hamas started this conflict in desperation because Egypt had closed the border crossings and smuggling tunnels and blocked funds transfer so that Hamas couldn’t meet their payroll. A perfect example of a side in desperate straights starting a war. So it started in a losing position and the noose is tightening. I raise my hat to Shin Bet for thwarting an even more desperate attempt to overthrow the PA.

  • rheddles

    It should be up to the Gazans to get rid of Hamas. If they aren’t willing to, things won’t really get better even if PA appears to have taken over.

  • Vadim Pashkov

    Arabs, inhabitants of Gaza , like Germans in Nazi Germany and Japanese in Imperial Japan

    are responsible for HAMAS action. And like it was in 1945 the only solution is The Victory. This war will end

    only when Arabs crawl from their holes in the ground to kiss the boots of Zionist soldier

    and ask for forgiveness.

  • adk

    An impasse is still the most likely outcome. Nobody wants (or can, in case of PA) to rule Gaza except Hamas. Barring a really big Palestinian missile hit in Israel, the latter will do its best to stay out of Gaza. If nothing changes, that would be what, fourth? in a row indecisive Israeli campaign against a terrorist organization on its border. Not a good record for the Israeli political and military leaders.

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