Hail Shale
Refracking Ready to Rejuvenate Shale Revolution
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  • Eightman

    The article should have the tag line “Hail Hydra (ulic fracking)”!

    • Dan

      + 1 Dr. Erskine

  • Jacksonian_Libertarian

    I think you have to go with the historical evidence and trends when trying to see into the future. At the moment the trend is up, with more and more oil and gas being produced in the US. Until this changes, any predictions counter to the trend, are likely wrong. There is still a huge amount of oil shale and shale oil (not the same thing) in the US, estimates are over 2 Trillion barrels. And that is only one source of oil and gas, the estimates of methane hydrate ice stored on the ocean’s floors, are staggering and it remains undeveloped and untouched simply waiting for the price and technology to make it available.

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