What Rankles Russia
Putin’s Energy Weapon Cuts Both Ways
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  • Duperray

    In your obsessive Obama-driven hate of Russia, many media-writers let their phantasms get lose (perhaps just to expel untold internal fear to see US lose its world supremacy).
    It is a childish attitude.
    Russia has been able in 10 years to absorb the soviet-to-multi-party transition trauma. With twice as much (little explored) land (with no desert) as US and half its population, natural resources are not a concern. With China as immediate near-by customer and fund supplier, they have all elements to perform a huge economical development.
    China is far more stable and long sighted partner. On top of that, they have no sea-navigation vulnerability.
    In the while, what did America do? Not drawing history lessons from Vietnam, they foundered themselves into Irak quagmire upon fallacious pretexte and are close to again do the same in Ukraine. Now, under Democrat delirium, CO² is “the worst enemy of mankind”, as a result, despite huge coal/oil/gas resources, the politically correct dominant moto is to gradually kill them and jobs by the way.

    America is a very strong exporter of software and Hollywood production (your two major $ export items), while Russia and China became undoubtfully the most advanced nuclear energy technology exporter states. This is a solid and useful export item, while entertaining people with videos and key boards looks superficial: How can US or Europe keep previous nuclear leadership with most of federal agencies and population no longer wanting nuclear?

    Look how deeply demoralized US population is: More than 50% do not pay federal tax ! Exactly same level of decay as France is today and many economists thinks that the latter cannot recover but only further dip. On top of that, media 99% Leftist oriented are step by step destroying the american values we like so much.

    Russia does not need external Cassandra previsions (as usual always wrong) as they are on the rise. US is not and you know it very well. Better to care for your country as Kennedy told “Don’t ask what America can do for me, but ask yourself What can I do for America”.

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