Rising Persecution
Hungarian Ambassador: Jews are "Agents of Satan"
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  • VanSpeyk

    Let us hope they take the hint and decide to emigrate en mass to their so-called promised land. That way we will have less people pushing for multicultaralism and a pro-Israel foreign policy.

    • Corlyss

      Nothing about various European gov’ts’ foreign policies that can be called pro-Israel.

    • Loader2000

      Yeah, who needs all those Nobel prize winners, scientists, business owners and otherwise highly educated and highly motivated people of Jewish descent (not to mention all the inventions that Jews are responsible for (or played a huge role in) like cell phones, lasers, pacemakers, defibrillators, genetic recombination, stainless steel, and, of course the Theory of Relativity which gave our country nuclear power and the bomb before anybody else).

      • Breif2

        This is especially ironic regarding Hungary. Almost all of the mathematical and scientific elite of Hungary was Jewish. (Which led to an amusing anecdote. What is left unsaid is that all of the people named in this piece are Jewish Hungarians.). But that must have been because they were oppressing “true” Hungarians, ie those that weren’t agents of Satan. Now that the Jewish community of Hungary has been attrited through some mysterious happenings during WW2, we are witness to the flourishing of True Hungarian Science!

    • Breif2

      “Let us hope they take the hint”

      Unlikely. After all, 75% of the Jewish population of your country mysteriously disappeared during the so-called Holocaust, and some of the survivors still insisted on living there! And they call themselves smart!


  • Avi_in_Jerusalem

    Lovely comment by VanSpeyk, a worthy successor to those in his country, the Netherlands, who managed to exterminate over 70% of their country’s pre war Jewish population. I also appreciated the subtle mixture of “Jews out of Europe” and “Jews out of Palestine”. *
    He should appreciate that things have changed. We are no longer willing to put up meekly with such attitudes, however widely they are shouted.
    * Please note the sarcasm.

  • Breif2

    Come now, Mead, enough with this toadying to the Jewish Lobby! After all, Szabó wrote this about the Christ-killers back in 2000! It’s ancient history!


  • Duperray

    “ostensible concern with public health linked to a dull secularism seeks to block traditional Jewish practices like circumcision and the ritual slaughtering linked to kosher food.”
    Your analysis is wrong: These real pratices are not invading us due to jews (they are less than 500,000 in France) but by another religion, available in a dozen of millions.

  • gabrielsyme

    Hungary’s government is the most overtly anti-Semitic in Europe

    This is inaccurate. Hungary’s government may be covertly anti-Semitic, but it certainly is not overtly so. Hungary has many problems, including a strong current of anti-Semitism, but the present government helped the WJC meet in Budapest, and has consistently rejected anti-semitic proposals of the fascist right.

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